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Real-time Tracking / Geofencing

Stay on top of your fleet’s operations and team member whereabouts with our real-time GPS fleet tracking and geofencing solutions in Australia. Keep up-to-date on their locations effortlessly, ensuring efficient fleet management. Embrace advanced technology for seamless monitoring and optimised performance.


Speeding / Reckless Driving Alerts

Stay in control of your fleet’s safety with our Speeding/Reckless Driving Alerts. Our fleet tracking software in Australia provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts, empowering you to address unsafe driving behaviors promptly and enhance road safety.


Route and Location History

Trace your fleet’s journey effortlessly with Route and Location History. Our GPS fleet tracking software keeps a comprehensive record of routes taken and locations visited, offering valuable insights to optimise operations and enhance productivity.


Temperature Tracking

Ensure temperature-sensitive cargo is in safe hands with our Temperature Tracking feature. Our advanced fleet solution provides real-time monitoring and alerts for temperature fluctuations, helping you maintain product integrity, adhere to regulations, and deliver the highest quality goods to your customers with confidence.

Services and Maintenance Reminders

Stay on top of your fleet’s health with our Services and Maintenance Reminders. Our fleet management solution sends timely notifications for scheduled maintenance, ensuring your vehicles remain in top condition, reducing downtime, and optimising overall fleet


Remote Engine Shut-off System

Take control of your fleet’s safety with our Remote Engine Shut-off System. Our advanced fleet management solution empowers you to remotely deactivate vehicle engines in emergency situations or unauthorised use, ensuring utmost security and preventing potential risks. Drive peace of mind and protect your assets with this powerful feature.

ECM tracking / Speed Buzzers

Enhance driver accountability with ECM tracking and Speed Buzzers. Our fleet management solution monitors vehicle performance through Engine Control Module (ECM) data and alerts drivers with speed buzzers to promote safe driving habits. Stay informed and optimise fleet efficiency with these essential features.