Smart Dashcams Video Solutions in Australia

Empower Your Fleet with Intelligent AI Dashcam Video Solutions

Do you want to have a comprehensive view of your fleet’s activities and ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations? Introducing Manage Vehicle’s intelligent AI dashcam video solutions, designed specifically for fleet operators like you.


Proactive Fleet Management with Integrated Smart Dashcam Solutions

Upgrade your fleet management with Manage Vehicle’s integrated smart dashcam solutions. Our high-definition camera systems capture rolling footage and trigger events, providing real-time footage of incidents such as harsh usage and speeding.

On-Demand Video Access: Instantly Retrieve Footage from Anywhere

Bid farewell to manual file downloads from vehicles. With our Video On Demand feature, access footage as needed or in real-time, directly from your back-office. No more time-consuming trips or file transfers. Enjoy the convenience of instant access to critical footage from anywhere, empowering you with the information you require for streamlined fleet management.


High Definition Cameras

Our high-definition cameras offer dual and multi-camera options, providing clear views of your vehicle and cabin. With built-in sensors and infrared technology, they ensure exceptional video footage, even in low-light conditions.


AI-Enabled Dual Camera Solution

Our AI-powered dual camera system transforms fleet management. Continuously learning from driving patterns and road environments, it detects distracted driving, seatbelt violations, illegal turns, and more. With real-time analysis on the go, it ensures safer journeys. Experience AI-driven fleet insights and enhanced safety.


Stay Alert with Real-Time Notifications

Get instant alerts for critical events like harsh braking, cornering, speeding, and traffic violations. Customise alerts based on your role and focus on what matters most to your business. Monitor traffic infractions effortlessly with our smart dashcam solution. Stay proactive, ensure safety.


Crystal Clear Vision for Enhanced Safety

Stay informed about your vehicle’s surroundings to boost driver safety. Our cameras capture and analyse every second of road time, allowing you to easily access the events and incidents that matter most. Now, say “Big No” to tedious searches through hours of footage—retrieve what you need right from your office. Experience enhanced safety with our high-definition camera solution.

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Get the Ideal Camera Solution for Your Fleet

Our comprehensive range of solutions is designed to meet your current business needs and adapt to your future growth. Experience the flexibility and scalability that empowers your business to thrive.

Real-Time Road Visibility

Enhance fleet safety with real-time alerts and dual camera footage. Keep drivers focused and attentive with audible alerts while gaining comprehensive visibility of road conditions and driver behavior. 

  • Real-time alerts for proactive safety
  • Audible alerts to keep drivers focused and attentive
  • Dual camera footage for comprehensive visibility
  • Monitoring of road conditions
  • Monitoring of driver behavior
  • Detailed HD footage
  • Dark night mode
  • Inside cab footage
  • Outside vehicle footage
  • Cost reduction on false claims
  • Improve fleet safety and fair resolution of disputes.

Defend Your Fleet with Smart Dashcam Footage

Download AI dashcam footage to protect against false accident claims, exonerate drivers, and reduce expenses associated with accidents. Ensure a fair resolution and mitigate risk and liability for your fleet.

Power of Cloud AI for Video Insights

Utilise machine learning and cloud-based AI to extract valuable video tags and insights from large amounts of data. Seamlessly search, categorise, and harness the power of your video footage for informed decision-making in fleet management.

  • Machine learning capabilities
  • Cloud-based AI processing
  • Efficient analysis of large video data
  • Quick distillation of video data into useful tags and insights
  • Enhanced search & categorisation of video footage
  • Actionable insights

Transform Your Fleet with the latest AI camera technology

Experience the pinnacle of fleet management with our integrated camera system. You can eliminate all the noise and focus on what truly matters. Capture real-time events, remove distractions, and empower your business with efficient and safer fleet operations. Embrace the future of fleet management today and witness the transformative power of our integrated camera system.

Intelligent Smart Dashcam for Every Fleet

Smart Dashcam for Fleet Management: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We respect driver privacy and comply with stringent data protection measures. The AI dashcam records footage only in case of specific incidents, such as accidents or safety-related events, ensuring privacy while still capturing crucial incident data.

The AI dashcam uses advanced algorithms to detect incidents like fatigue, distractions, and smoking. It alerts drivers immediately through in-cab voice alerts and seat vibrators, ensuring swift response and corrective actions.

Incident footages are securely stored in the cloud for up to 6 months, based on your customized settings. You can choose the retention period according to your data management requirements.

The smart dashcams are designed to automatically activate and record footage in various scenarios such as Impact Detection, Fatigue, Distraction, and smoking. This ensures that critical events are captured and documented. The recorded footage is stored securely in both the cloud and the SD card within the fleet Dash Camera, providing multiple storage options for easy access and retrieval.

The dashcam is equipped with real-time alert capabilities, notifying operators promptly whenever an incident is detected. This feature enables operators to promptly respond and take necessary actions as needed. Additionally, the in-cab camera is equipped with innovative features such as voice alerts and seat vibrators, specifically designed to mitigate incidents caused by Fatigue and Distraction. These features serve as proactive measures to prevent potential accidents and enhance overall safety.

Certainly! The dashcams are designed to function effectively during nighttime and in low-light conditions. They utilise the natural ambient light in the environment, supplemented by artificial light from streetlights and the vehicle’s headlights. With high-definition imaging capabilities, these dashcams capture clear footage optimised for low-light scenarios, ensuring visibility and clarity in challenging lighting conditions.

The videos of each event are available for viewing and downloading on the Manage Vehicle fleet management platform within a few minutes after the event occurs.

The video footage serves as objective evidence during insurance claims. It provides an accurate account of events, helps determine fault, and expedites claim processing, potentially leading to reduced claim costs and improved insurance outcomes.

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