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We have a cutting-edge fleet management software designed to simplify and enhance your fleet operations.

Modern & Simple Logistics

Take the hassle out of logistics and experience the power of effortless logistics management with our fleet and compliance solution.


Why Choose Us?

With Manage Vehicle, you gain access to the best Telematics and AI-based management software for your fleet. Experience unrivaled features, an intuitive interface and comprehensive tools for efficient vehicle tracking, systematic maintenance, streamlined operations, and increased profitability.

Enhanced Efficiency

By using our management software you can achieve higher productivity and maximise the utilisation of your fleet. Eliminate manual processes and inefficiencies in minutes.

Cost Savings

Extend the lifespan of your fleet assets with our software that enables you to identify areas of cost reduction and implement strategies for fuel efficiency, maintenance optimisation, and route planning.

Improved Compliance

Maintain a stellar reputation by staying compliant with industry regulations and standards. Real-time data from automated logbook recording, driver behaviour monitoring, alerts and more.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We offer actionable insights and detailed analytics. By leveraging real-time data on vehicle performance, driver behaviour, and maintenance schedules, you can make informed and timely decisions.

Teamwork and Efficiency

Our solution is designed to foster seamless teamwork and collaboration. With robust features for real-time communication, task assignment and shared data access, you team can work smarter.

Manage from Anywhere

Experience the freedom of fleet management software that works around your schedule. Make informed decisions, and optimise your fleet's performance no matter where you are.

Powerful Insights

It's time to take control of your fleet's destiny and embrace a future where every move is strategic, every action is data-driven, and every journey is a step towards success.

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Upgrade with AI and IoT Fleet Solutions?

Our AI and IoT-based software offers invaluable support to Project Managers and teams.

  • Real-time tracking / geofencing
  • ECM tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Driver safety enhancement
  • Efficiency maximization

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Our brand is rooted in the community, delivering outstanding results that have built trust far and wide. With products you can count on, local support that understands your needs, and a commitment to transparency and fresh thinking, we tackle the unique challenges our clients face. All your fleet data is right at your fingertips for effortless monitoring. It’s the reason why local industry frontrunners choose us


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