Top Five Trucking Industry Updates This Past Week

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In the dynamic trucking industry, staying abreast of the latest developments is crucial for fleet managers, operators, and industry stakeholders. This week has seen several significant changes and announcements that could impact various aspects of the industry, from road safety and infrastructure to tax regulations and event highlights.

In this article, we delve into the top five industry changes that you need to know about, providing insights and updates to keep you informed and prepared for what lies ahead.

Fuel tax credits are changing again. Image: BP

1. Changes to Fuel Tax Credit Rates Come into Effect

From July 1 to August 4, 2024, new fuel tax credit rates have been implemented. The rebate for liquid and blended fuels used in heavy vehicles has decreased, while the rebate for B100 used outside of heavy vehicle fuelling has increased. These adjustments affect how businesses and owner-drivers claim fuel rebates, impacting operational costs. The changes highlight the need for businesses to stay updated with tax regulations to maximize their benefits and ensure compliance.

2. RFNSW Announces Heavy-Hitting Gala Guest Speaker List

The Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) has unveiled an impressive lineup of guest speakers for their upcoming gala. These influential figures will share insights on the latest trends and challenges facing the road freight sector. Industry experts Mike Williams, Mary-Ann Eather, Jon Luff, Leonie Carter and BP’s Chris Leat will be on the panel.

Government and regulatory speakers at the event will include Sal Petroccitto, federal senator Glenn Searle, NSW Roads Minister John Graham, NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Jenny Aitchson MP, and Fair Work Commission Commissioner Scott Connelly.

Topics will include road safety, technological advancements, and regulatory changes. The gala aims to foster networking and collaboration within the industry, providing a platform for discussion on critical issues. Read more

3. Fatal Crash on Newell Highway Between Forbes and Parkes

Image: Live Traffic NSW

A tragic incident occurred on the Newell Highway, resulting in the death of a man. The crash has brought attention to the ongoing need for improved road safety measures on one of Australia’s major freight routes. The Newell Highway is currently closed in both directions. For further updates, see

4. $200 Million for Local Road Safety Upgrades

The Australian Government has launched the Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program (SLRIP), providing $200 million annually for road safety projects. This initiative aims to address infrastructure needs, especially in regional and remote areas, by funding projects that enhance road safety, productivity, bridge renewal, and heavy vehicle rest areas. This program consolidates previous initiatives and offers a more streamlined approach to improving local roads across the country.

The Parkes Bypass is expected to take over 1200 vehicles away from the town’s city centre. Image: Jenny Aitchison MP

5. Construction of 98-Metre Roundabout Begins as Part of $287.2 Million Parkes Bypass Construction has started on a massive 98-metre-diameter roundabout, a central feature of the Parkes Bypass project. This $287.2 million project will divert over 1200 vehicles daily from the Parkes town centre, improving road safety and travel efficiency. The roundabout will also feature a large sculpture, designed in collaboration with Parkes Shire Council, adding a local landmark to the region. This infrastructure upgrade is expected to benefit both local residents and the freight industry significantly.

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