Waste Management Fleet Solution

Waste Management

Need a waste management fleet solution? Streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and make an eco-friendly impact. We’ve got you covered!


Smarter Waste Management: Enhance Efficiency and Innovation

Manage Vehicle is at the forefront of revolutionising the waste management industry with its cutting-edge solutions. Our comprehensive software empowers waste management companies to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Smart Resource Utilisation

Our solution empowers you to assign the right drivers to operate a fuel-friendly and well-maintained fleet, ensuring optimum speeds and minimising fuel consumption. With intelligent insights provided by our system, you can exponentially increase efficiency, leading to substantial cost savings.


Monitor locations

Route History provides insights into worker efficiency and job completion by tracking the time vehicles and assets spend within designated areas, including arrival and departure times, movement duration, and idling periods. This data helps optimise workflows, improve scheduling, and enhance overall fleet productivity.


Faultless Waste Collection

Ensure a faultless waste collection process with manage Vehicle’s innovative solution. We offer hassle-free waste collection with our geofence-powered solution and deliver impeccable service to your customers. Rest assured, our solution will keep you informed if any area is inadvertently missed, allowing for immediate corrective action. 


Automated Route Planning

Optimise collection operations with our automated route planning. Our software ensures accurate collection, dumping, and managed route operations. Utilise each fleet vehicle to its full capacity and eliminate trip intersections. Streamline operations for efficiency.


Maximise Assets and Resources for a Cleaner City with Manage Vehicle

Manage Vehicle is the ultimate solution for waste management, offering proper utilisation of assets and resources to create a cleaner city. With our innovative platform, you can optimise the allocation of vehicles, drivers, and equipment, ensuring that every resource is utilised to its full potential.


We've Got You Covered!

✔️Driver behavior monitoring
✔️Fuel consumption monitoring
✔️Regulatory compliance tracking
✔️Electronic proof of delivery (POD) and documentation
✔️Workforce management and driver scheduling
✔️Driver Fatigue Management
✔️ Smart Dashcams/ Incident Footages
✔️Remote Engine Shut-off Systems
 ✔️Faults and Incidents Management               

✔️Electronic route sheets and digital workflows    

Seamless Sensor Integration

Easily integrate our software with the sensors essential for your waste management process. Load sensors, tire pressure monitors, barometers – whatever sensors you need, we’ve got you covered! Our flexible solution allows for effortless integration of a wide range of sensors, empowering you to gather valuable data and insights. Monitor and analyse load capacities, tire pressures, atmospheric conditions, and more, all within a unified platform. 

Discover the countless advantages of our software for waste management operations

Whether it’s optimising routes, real-time tracking, intelligent scheduling, or advanced reporting, our software offers a wide range of features tailored to meet your specific needs. Call us today to learn more about how our software can revolutionise your waste management operations and take your business to new heights of success.