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Manage Vehicle is an Australian based leading GPS software consulting company with paramount solutions starting with the domain of Fleet management, Telematics, Route optimisation, Navigation and similar. It has two major focus areas at first place it is Software development and consulting and secondly the Manage Vehicle Cloud.

We in Manage Vehicle believes in providing customers a secure life. For our customer we works towards ‘Simplify and Secure Your Business and Save Money’ with ‘Zero Infrastructure Cost’

Manage Vehicle begin with the idea to provide affordable and high-quality security solutions with the modern interference at the comfort of your home. We are working to create life easier and safer for our customers. For this, we highly committed to the 100% satisfaction on every end.

To prosper the basic fleet needs, our GPS solution is that vision towards our goal of customer safety.

We follow strict quality standards when it comes to our services. Therefore, our software is highly tested and certified. Which meets the highest standards to lead the ground.  Keeping the standards in mind our services available globally and in any international country with its certification. Although, they are top rated applications that are industry in demand of ‘A’ grade quality and are competitively priced as well.

Manage Vehicle is your one-stop access for the complete tailor made GPS tracking and solutions.

We are working for your business needs to increase your customer’s relationships and satisfaction. For this optimize your business in real time progress with our vehicle cloud. Hence, you controls your fleet performance and usage. It is convenient with us like never before.

At Manage vehicle, we are the integrated service provider. Basically, you are completely cutting the edge with security controlling, monitoring, compliance and full control to the system with our innovative solutions provided to your business.  We have a complete command over the development of the system in the GPS tracking industry.

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January 26, 2019
GPS Rental Fleet Tracking & GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Hiring a car to customers is both profitable and risky at the same time. Vehicles under the custody of another are sometimes damaged, used outer surface of an allowable area, misused, or even taken and stolen. If your company doesn’t have a GPS transport tracking solutions in place, you’re missing out on very important rental […]

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January 26, 2019

GPS tracking system is used by various car rental companies in Australia to raise service level and reduce risk factors and cost of fleet operations. Set in technologies for example vehicle tagging, real-time tracking, and automatic alert alarms could considerably decrease risk factors like vehicle stealing or speeding. Companies can also keep track of the […]

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January 24, 2019
Why Rental Companies Should Use GPS Tracking To Save Their Big Expenses

These days, GPS tracking for rental vehicles is efficiently utilized by several rental companies related to the transport industry as well as by individuals for tracking & managing vehicles. For rental companies there are huge advantages of GPS tracking for instance enhanced customer service satisfaction, lessen risk factors, and reduce fleet operational cost. Vehicle tracking […]

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January 23, 2019
GPS tracking for Rental Company

Rental companies are growing very swift and grow to be very competitive. Now every best vehicle hiring company from all over the world are trying to give the finest services to their customers to beat their competitors. GPS integration with vehicle rentals is currently very common and most of the vehicle rental companies. There are […]

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January 16, 2019
Reduce The Chances Of Accidents With Fleet GPS Technology Services

In the world of businesses with smartphone workforces, end the day by all of your vehicles in one part and securely parked where they’re supposed to be is all the time the gain. Though only because your medium was not into an accident doesn’t stand for that your driver is running the vehicle carefully. Info […]

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January 15, 2019
Tell Your Employees That You Installed GPS Devices

There are a number of stupid methods to let know your drivers that you’re installing online GPS tracking devices. Let’s have some fun and look at a pair now. Some stupid ways to expose the news 1: Reveal it out, without context. “As of today morning, our vehicles now have online GPS tracking devices. They’ll […]

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