Construct a Robust Fleet For Your Construction and Mining Sites

Construction & Mining

Manage Vehicle is the trusted telematics service provider for heavy construction equipment’s. With our advanced telematics solutions, you can effectively track your valuable assets, monitor vehicle movements, and access video telematics data. Maximise operational efficiency, minimise risks, and ensure a secure and productive construction and Mining fleet with us.

Construction & Mining Industry Fleet Solution

Secure Your Valuable Equipment

Protect your valuable equipment effortlessly with our asset tracking. Our real-time monitoring and visibility solutions guarantee the safety of your assets. Track their location, condition, and usage with precision. Prevent theft, minimise losses, and maintain smooth operations. Choose our proactive approach for secure and hassle-free asset protection.

User-friendly dashboard

Our fleet management software features a dynamic dashboard that provides all your fleet information at one place. With customisable columns and layout, you can tailor the dashboard to display the metrics and insights that are most relevant to your fleet management needs.


Real-time visibility

Effortlessly manage your equipment and vehicles in real-time from anywhere with our comprehensive tracking and monitoring solution. Stay in control as you track and monitor the movement of your assets with ease. Access accurate location data, status updates, and vital information at your fingertips.


Equipment Security

Our fleet management software provides comprehensive security measures to protect your valuable assets, minimise potential financial losses, and ensure a safe working environment for your operations. By integrating our advanced security features, you can effectively safeguard your assets, mitigate risks, and maintain a secure environment throughout your fleet management processes.


Service & maintenance

Stay on top of equipment service, permit renewals, and document deadlines with our fleet management software’s automatic reminders. Receive advance notifications for upcoming maintenance, permit renewals, insurance updates, and other crucial documents. Effortlessly plan maintenance, ensure compliance, and avoid penalties.


Automatic Alerts

Our fleet management software takes alerting to the next level by offering a wide range of  custom-made alerts tailored to your specific industry requirements. From tracking driver behavior to monitoring vehicle activities, our alerts ensure that you have full control and insight into your fleet operations.


Transforming Construction and Mining Fleet Management

Revolutionise your construction and mining fleet with our groundbreaking solution. Experience unparalleled simplicity, seamless operations, and unwavering support for owners and fleet managers. The future of construction and mining fleet is here, and it’s time to embrace it.


What We Offer

✔️Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles and equipment
✔️Geofencing to define virtual boundaries
✔️Receive notifications when vehicles or equipment enter or exit specific areas
✔️Asset management
✔️Fuel management system
✔️Maintenance management
✔️Job Allocation
✔️Electronic Work Diary (EWD)
✔️Mass/Maintenance/Fatigue Management
✔️ Smart Dashcams/ Incident Footages
✔️Services and Maintenance Reminders


Improve Job Cost Estimates for Better Margins

Enhance your quoting accuracy and stabilise profit margins by reviewing on-site time, intervals between jobs, and cost-incurring driving activities like idling and hard braking. Get a clear understanding of your costs and offer more precise quotes to clients. Boost profitability with improved job cost estimation.


Trusted Fleet Management Solution for Construction and Mining Industries

We understand the criticality of reliable and efficient fleet management in construction and mining operations, and our solution is designed to enhance productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Join the ranks of satisfied construction and mining industry clients who have benefited from our trusted fleet management solution.