Route and Location History

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Optimise Fleet Deployment and Service Efficiency

Analysing location history can also help you determine frequently visited destinations and identify patterns in customer demand. By understanding these trends, you can make informed decisions about fleet deployment, optimising resources, and improving overall service efficiency.


Cost Savings

Optimised routes and resource allocation lead to reduced fuel consumption and lower operational costs. By minimising unnecessary detours and maximising efficiency, fleet management software with route and location history helps businesses save valuable resources and increase their bottom line.


Safety and Security

By monitoring route and location history, businesses can enhance safety and security measures. It allows for the identification of any unusual or unauthorised activities, ensuring the safety of drivers, vehicles, and cargo. In case of emergencies or incidents, the historical data can provide valuable insights for investigation and analysis.


Improved Customer Experience

With access to real-time tracking and precise location information, businesses can provide superior customer service. Customers can track their deliveries in real-time, receive accurate estimated arrival times (ETAs), and experience enhanced customer support, leading to a positive and satisfying customer experience.


Route & Location History: Fleet Management in Australia

Experience the power of route and location history for fleet management in Australia. Gain valuable insights and unlock operational potential. Find a new level of efficiency at Manage Vehicle.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Make smarter decisions with route and location history in fleet management. Harness valuable insights to optimise your operations and drive success in Australia. Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making today!

  • Real-time Alerts and Notifications
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Customisable Dashboards and Visualisations
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Accurate Tracking/ Monitoring
  • Historical Location Data
  • Geofencing & Boundary Alerts
  • Route Deviation Detection
  • Analysis of Visited Destinations
  • Trend Identification and Pattern Analysis
  • Compliance Monitoring

Compliance with Location History

With geofencing and boundary alerts, you can proactively manage compliance, ensuring adherence to designated areas. Maximise operational efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance with the power of location history, and more.

Driver Management

Elevate your driver management with route and location history. Empower fleet managers to enhance driver accountability, optimise routing, and improve performance. Provide accurate ETAs, identify opportunities for rewards, and prioritise safety.

  • Real-time alerts
  • Enhanced driver accountability
  • Optimised routing and dispatching
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Driver rewards and recognition opportunities
  • Focus on safety and risk mitigation
  • Efficient operations

Deliver Superior Customer Experience with Location-Based Services

Location history enables the implementation of location-based services. Whether it’s real-time tracking for customers, providing accurate delivery ETAs, or enhancing customer support with precise location information, our software empowers you to offer a superior customer experience.


Route and Location History: FAQ's

Route and location history in fleet management software refers to the collection and storage of data related to the routes taken and locations visited by vehicles over a specific period. It provides a detailed record of vehicle movements, helping businesses analyse past routes and locations.

Route and location history data is typically collected using GPS technology. GPS devices installed in vehicles track their movements and record location information at regular intervals. This data is then stored and can be accessed and analysed through fleet management software.

Route and location history benefits fleet management by optimising routes, improving resource allocation, enhancing customer service, enabling performance monitoring, and reducing operational costs. It provides valuable insights for decision-making and helps identify patterns for improved efficiency.

Yes, route and location history data can be used for predictive analytics. By analysing historical patterns, businesses can make informed predictions about peak demand periods, maintenance requirements, and optimise scheduling for improved operational efficiency and proactive decision-making.

Absolutely. Route and location history data can be used for compliance and auditing purposes. It provides a detailed record of routes taken, which can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulations, verify adherence to delivery windows, and support auditing processes.

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