The Evolution of Fleet Management for Local Government

Safeguard Your Government Fleet with Telematics

Are you looking to optimise your local government/council fleet while staying within budgetary constraints? Our advanced fleet management solution is designed to deliver efficiency, safety, and productivity to your operations.


Proactive Fleet Management through Asset Integration

Achieve the perfect balance in operating your government fleet with our innovative solutions. Navigating stringent regulations, tight budgets, and asset governance is made easier with telematics, AI-enabled fleet management, and instant insights.

Fulfill Your WH&S Responsibilities with Confidence

Ensure easy compliance with the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 by connecting your fleet and monitoring safety risks. Reduce road infringements by identifying risky driver behavior and implement proactive driver training. Enhance safety, reduce turnover, and improve fleet performance with individualised coaching based on actual data and performance.


Asset Management

Maximise asset management and compliance by leveraging data from your mixed fleet. Increase utilisation rates, reduce idle time, and eliminate inefficient vehicle use. Implement proactive maintenance based on mileage, hours, or dates to reduce maintenance events. Ensure authorised vehicle use and track asset location with telematics.


Enhancing Customer Service and Job Management

Unlock additional value for your customers with our value-added solutions. Enhance customer service through closest vehicle routing, handle complaints effectively with vehicle tracking data, and optimise job management with efficient scheduling and proof of service generation. Deliver superior service and increase customer satisfaction with our comprehensive offerings.


Maximizing Savings with Efficient Solutions

Cut costs and boost savings with our cost reduction solutions. Save up to 30% on fuel expenses by optimising vehicle performance and monitoring driver behavior. Maximise fuel tax credits with accurate calculations using automatic time and location data. Simplify Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) calculations with electronic logbooks.


Fuel Efficiency & CO2 Reduction

Implement our Telematics solution for efficient fuel consumption and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. It enables you to optimise fuel usage, which indirectly helps in reducing carbon emissions. With our Telematics solution, you can enhance sustainability efforts while improving fleet efficiency.


How can we transform Council Fleet Management?

Implementing fleet management solutions is vital to keeping your business running smoothly. These solutions improve control over your assets and ensure proper governance of vehicle use. By utilising these solutions, you can save money on maintenance, taxes, and fuel usage. Additionally, they promote road safety and encourage positive driver behavior.


We've Got You Covered!

✔️Real-time Tracking
✔️Automated billing and invoicing
✔️Geofencing and boundary notifications
✔️Driver Safety
✔️Vehicle & Engine Management
✔️Compliance management (licensing, insurance, inspections)
✔️User-Friendly Driver App
✔️Electronic Work Diary (EWD)
✔️Fuel and expenses analytics
✔️Accident/incident tracking and reporting
✔️ECM tracking/ Speed Buzzers
✔️ Smart Dashcams/ Incident Footages
✔️Services and Maintenance Reminders
✔️ Speeding/ Reckless Driving Alerts        


Key Benefits of Integrated Fleet Management

  • Improved response times through enhanced vehicle visibility
  • Increased efficiency in resource utilisation, leading to reduced expenses
  • Driver coaching to minimise harsh driving and reduce accidents
  • Vehicle maintenance monitoring and proactive planning for minimised downtime

Ready to empower your fleet with Manage Vehicle?

Give us a call today to discover how our innovative solutions can transform your council fleet management and propel you towards success. Our team of experts will provide in-depth insights, answer your questions, and guide you through the transformative benefits of Manage Vehicle.