Remote Engine Shut-off Systems

Are you looking for ways to enhance your fleet management and vehicle control? Do you want a solution that offers improved security, efficient fuel management, and preventive measures? Look no further than Remote Engine Shut-off Systems (RESS) for your fleet.


RESS: Unleashing Unrivaled Protection for Your Fleet

Take charge of your fleet’s security with the unrivaled power of Remote Engine Shut-off Systems (RESS). Combat vehicle theft with the ability to instantly disable engines remotely. Stay steps ahead of unauthorised use, fortify your assets in fleet management.

Prevent unauthorised use

RESS enables fleet managers to control vehicle access and prevent unauthorised use. For instance, if a driver is not scheduled to use a particular vehicle during a specific time period, the manager can disable the engine remotely, ensuring that vehicles are only operated by authorised personnel.


Efficient fuel management

Remote Engine Shut of System allows fleet managers to monitor idling time and remotely shut off the engine when a vehicle is left running unnecessarily. This feature helps reduce fuel consumption and lowers operational costs by promoting fuel-efficient practices among drivers.


Set Virtual Boundaries

RESS can be integrated with geofencing technology to set virtual boundaries for vehicles. Fleet managers can establish specific geographic areas within which the vehicles should operate. If a vehicle crosses these boundaries, the system can trigger an alert and give the manager the option to shut off the engine remotely if necessary.


Maintenance and Servicing

It offer real-time diagnostic information about the vehicles. Fleet managers can remotely access this data to identify potential maintenance issues, monitor vehicle health, and schedule servicing accordingly. In case a vehicle is detected with a critical issue, the manager can remotely shut off the engine to prevent further damage.


Driver behavior monitoring

Our system monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive acceleration. Fleet managers can receive alerts or reports based on this data, allowing them to address any concerning driving habits and promote safer driving practices.


What value does our RESS solution bring to your fleet management goals?

Our RESS solution brings substantial value to your fleet management goals by providing a range of benefits.  Explore these features now to enhance your fleet management capabilities.

Geofencing Integration

Take advantage of geofencing technology to set virtual boundaries for your vehicles. Receive real-time alerts and ensure compliance with designated operating zones.

  • Geofencing technology for setting virtual boundaries
  • Real-time alerts for timely notifications
  • Enhanced compliance with designated operating zones
  • Route Planning
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Detailed reports on engine shut-off events
  • Analytics on driver behavior patterns
  • Comprehensive compliance metrics
  • Seamless Integration and Scalability
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling and Alerts

Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports and analytics on engine shut-off events, driver behavior patterns, and compliance metrics. Leverage this valuable data for data-driven decision-making and performance optimisation.

Theft Prevention

Safeguard your fleet with the ability to remotely disable a vehicle’s engine, offering effective theft prevention and unauthorised use deterrence.

  • Theft prevention through remote engine shut-off
  • Real-time alerts for unauthorised vehicle use
  • Enhanced security measures against theft and unauthorised access

Unveiling the Power of Reporting and Analytics for Fleet Managers

Our software empowers fleet managers with robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling data-driven decision-making and effective compliance monitoring. Fleet managers can access detailed insights into engine shut-off events, driver behavior patterns, and compliance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and compliance monitoring.


Frequently Asked Questions: Your Queries, Our Answers

A Remote Engine Shut-off System (RESS) is a technology that allows fleet managers to remotely disable a vehicle’s engine using a secure and authorised control system.

RESS provides several benefits in fleet management, including theft prevention, enhanced security, efficient fuel management, maintenance facilitation, driver behavior monitoring, and geofencing integration.

RESS can be integrated with geofencing technology to set virtual boundaries for vehicles. If a vehicle crosses these boundaries, the system can trigger an alert and give fleet managers the option to take appropriate actions, such as shutting off the engine remotely if necessary.

Absolutely! Our advanced RESS system is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows for comprehensive driver behavior monitoring. It keeps a close eye on speeding, harsh braking, and excessive acceleration, providing real-time alerts and detailed reports to fleet managers. By leveraging this valuable data, our system empowers fleet managers to address unsafe driving habits, enhance driver safety, and foster a culture of responsible and secure driving within their fleet.

To begin your journey with an RESS solution, simply reach out to our team of experts specialising in fleet management solutions. We will be your trusted partner, offering guidance throughout the implementation process, comprehensive training, and ongoing support.

Are you committed to responsible and ethical use of advanced technologies?

Explore the potential of our Remote Engine Shut-off System (RESS) for fleet management, offering enhanced control, visibility, and ethical use of advanced technologies. With the integration of geofencing capabilities, our solution enables precise location-based control and improved compliance. Experience efficient and secure fleet management that prepares you for the future.