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Drivers and Job Assignment

Looking for a reliable solution to assign jobs to drivers and streamline work creation? Our solution has you covered. Operators can effortlessly schedule tasks, while drivers enjoy the flexibility to create work as needed. With features like pre-checks, vehicle inspection, and defect reporting, you can ensure thorough assessments and proactive maintenance.


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Our Driver and Job Management solution is designed to optimise your fleet operations. Tailor workflows, track driver performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with ease. 

iOS and Android Driver App

Our driver app for iOS and Android devices simplifies job management for drivers. They can initiate tasks, record job requests, update statuses, capture electronic signatures, and submit documentation on the go. Experience streamlined and efficient job tracking with our intuitive driver app.


Web App for Operators

Our web app serves as a centralised hub where operators can efficiently manage and monitor their business operations. It provides a user-friendly interface with robust features, allowing operators to record and track various job activities. Operators can easily assign tasks, track driver availability, view job progress, generate reports, and communicate with drivers seamlessly. 

Vehicle Readiness with Pre-Checks

Prioritise vehicle readiness with our pre-check feature. Drivers can efficiently perform essential inspections to confirm optimal vehicle condition, reducing risks and ensuring safe and seamless operations. Stay proactive and confident in your fleet’s performance with our convenient pre-check functionality.


Assign and Schedule Jobs

Our fleet compliance management software, empowers operators to assign and schedule jobs to drivers. Additionally, drivers have the flexibility to create work when needed. This seamless integration streamlines job allocation, enhances communication between operators and drivers, and promotes efficient workflow management within your fleet operations.


Vehicle inspection feature for thorough assessments

Ensure the safety and reliability of your fleet through our vehicle inspection feature. Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify potential issues early on, allowing for timely maintenance and minimising the risk of breakdowns. Stay proactive and maintain optimal fleet performance with our reliable inspection functionality.


Customisable Solution for Efficient Job and Driver Management

We provide a flexible solution that aligns with your specific needs, allowing you to streamline job and driver assessment processes with ease.

Optimal Resource Allocation

Effectively assign jobs based on driver availability, skills, and proximity, maximising operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary travel.

  • Job allocation based on driver availability, skills, & proximity
  • Reduces unnecessary travel time and costs
  • Minimises idle time
  • Improves resource utilisation
  • Increases job completion rates.
  • Increased transparency of job progress/ completion status
  • Improved coordination and customer service
  • Real-time tracking of job status
  • Enhances operational transparency
  • Facilitates proactive decision-making
  • Enables timely customer communication

Increased Transparency

Enhance coordination and customer service with improved visibility. Gain real-time insights into job progress, driver location, and completion status. This enables effective coordination and allows you to deliver exceptional customer service by providing timely updates and making informed decisions.

Seamless Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional customer service with enhanced satisfaction. Our solution ensures accurate job scheduling, timely updates, and improved response times. By providing a seamless experience, you can exceed customer expectations and cultivate long-term loyalty.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Cultivating long-term loyalty
  • Timely updates
  • Improved response times

Efficiently Assign Drivers and Jobs with our Tailored Solution

At Manage Vehicle, we understand what it takes to be a successful fleet manager or owner. The demands of overseeing a fleet can be overwhelming, with numerous responsibilities and challenges to navigate. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive Driver and Job Assignment solution specifically tailored to address the unique needs of fleet managers like you.

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FAQs on Job and Drivers Management

Yes, the FCS Driver app allows operators to easily assign and schedule jobs to drivers, ensuring efficient task management.

Our Driver app provides a pre-check feature that allows drivers to conduct vehicle inspections before starting their routes, ensuring vehicle readiness and promoting safety.

Absolutely, the app includes a vehicle inspection feature that enables drivers to perform comprehensive assessments, ensuring the overall condition, safety, and compliance of fleet vehicles.

Our driver app streamlines defect/fault reporting by providing drivers with an easy and intuitive way to report any vehicle issues or faults they encounter during their journeys. This ensures timely resolution and proactive maintenance.

Absolutely. Our solution is scalable and can accommodate fleets of various sizes, from small businesses with a few vehicles to large fleets spanning multiple locations. The system grows with your fleet, ensuring continuous optimisation and performance enhancement.

In addition to job assignment, pre-checks, vehicle inspection, and defect/fault reporting, the Manage Vehicle’s Driver app offers various features such as real-time job tracking, communication tools, digital document management, and performance analytics to enhance fleet management and compliance processes.

Simply reach out to us through our contact form or give us a call. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information, discuss your specific needs, and guide you through the process of implementing our Driver and Job Assignment solution for your fleet.

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