Fleet Compliance in Australia

Faults and Incidents Management

How can you ensure fleet safety and compliance efficiently? Our solution streamlines incident reporting, automates alerts, and optimises management. Address issues promptly, adhere to regulations, and enhance fleet performance effortlessly.


Enhance Fleet Safety and Compliance

By promptly addressing issues, conducting root cause analysis, and integrating telematics data, our user-friendly solution empowers you to proactively prevent major breakdowns, adhere to regulations, and optimise fleet performance. Improve your fleet’s safety and compliance while reducing costs and downtime with our comprehensive management solution.

Incident Reporting

Provide a user-friendly interface for drivers and fleet managers to report incidents and faults in real-time. This could include accidents, breakdowns, mechanical issues, safety violations, and other incidents affecting vehicle operations.


Alerts and Notifications

Our automated alert system provides instant notifications, enabling swift actions to address incidents and maintain compliance. This real-time approach enhances the overall safety and efficiency of fleet operations. Additionally, customisable notification settings allow users to tailor alerts to their specific needs.


Real-Time Incident Management

Real-time incident management empowers your fleet to stay ahead of any challenges, ensuring a safe and reliable operation. Say goodbye to reactive approaches and embrace the power of real-time incident management for a safer, more dependable fleet.


Advantages of Our Powerful Compliance Solution

With a focus on versatility and adaptability, our customisable solution is tailored to cater to your unique needs, whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, valuable equipment, or critical infrastructure. 

User-Friendly Interface

We offer a user-friendly interface and dedicated mobile app for drivers, our solution ensures easy incident reporting and efficient management. Fleet operators can conveniently access the web app to oversee and address incidents promptly, leading to improved user adoption and overall operational efficiency.

  • Easy incident reporting
  • Efficient incident management
  • Prompt addressing of incidents
  • Improved user adoption
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dedicated mobile app for drivers (Android and iOS)
  • Web app for fleet operators


  • Timely reporting and resolution of incidents and faults
  • Proactive focus on compliance-related matters
  • Ensures fleet operates within industry regulations, minimising potential risks.

Compliance Adherence

With a systematic categorisation of incidents and priority levels, fleet managers can efficiently focus on compliance-related issues. This ensures that the fleet operates in accordance with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of penalties and legal complications.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Addressing faults and incidents promptly can prevent minor issues from escalating into major, expensive repairs. Additionally, by improving fleet safety and compliance, potential costs associated with accidents and non-compliance are mitigated.

  • Prevents minor issues from turning into costly repairs.
  • Reduces potential costs associated with accidents.
  • Mitigates expenses related to non-compliance
  • +More…

Enhance Fleet Safety & Compliance in Australia

Our Faults and Incidents Management Solution for Fleet in Australia offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to streamline incident reporting and resolution. With a dedicated mobile app for drivers and a web application for fleet operators, our solution ensures efficient management and prompt addressing of incidents.

Best Solution for Australian Fleets

FAQs on Faults & Incidents Management Solutions

Common features include incident categorisation by severity and priority, automated alerts and notifications, real-time monitoring, customisable reporting, user-friendly interfaces, and integration with telematics and tracking systems.

Yes, by addressing minor faults and incidents promptly, the solution can prevent them from escalating into major breakdowns, minimising costly repairs and maximising vehicle uptime.

Yes, a comprehensive Faults & Incidents Management Solution can be tailored to adhere to specific Australian safety and compliance regulations, ensuring fleet operators remain compliant with local laws.

  1. Expertise in Fleet Solutions: Manage Vehicle offers specialised expertise in developing comprehensive Faults & Incidents Management Solutions tailored for Australian fleets.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: Our solutions feature intuitive interfaces that simplify incident reporting and management for both drivers and fleet operators.

  3. Mobile App for Drivers: We provide dedicated mobile apps for drivers on both Android and iOS platforms, making it easy for them to report incidents on the go.

  4. Efficient Web Platform: Our web application for fleet operators allows them to oversee and address incidents promptly, enhancing operational efficiency.

  5. Customisable Solutions: We understand the diverse needs of fleets, and our solutions are customisable to suit your specific requirements and compliance standards.

  6. +More…

Let us help you drive safety, compliance, and success for your Australian fleet

Improve your fleet’s safety, compliance, and operational efficiency today by getting in touch with our expert team. Our specialised solutions empower you to proactively manage incidents, minimise downtime, and stay compliant with industry regulations. Take the first step towards maximising your fleet’s potential by contacting us today.