The Age of Data-driven Farming

Forestry and Agriculture

Our fleet management solutions helps overcome farming challenges by providing real-time telematics data, improved security for equipment and vehicles, and maximised resource utilisation leading to increased yields.


24/7 Equipment Visibility

Achieve real-time visibility of vehicles, equipment, and workers on a single platform. Monitor their movements remotely and access precise location data, status updates, and work reports. Stay connected and informed at all times.

Automatic Alerts

Our fleet management software is designed to detect and notify you of critical events or conditions in real-time. Whether it’s vehicle breakdowns, maintenance reminders, unauthorised vehicle use, driver violations, or geofence breaches, our system ensures that you are promptly alerted to any potential issues or deviations from established norms.


Geofencing for Secure Areas

Geofencing is a valuable tool that allows you to define virtual secure zones for your assets. It is useful for various purposes, such as separating lands, protecting restricted areas from encroachment, or designating grasing areas for cattle. With geofencing, you can easily establish and maintain boundaries to ensure security and manage land usage effectively.


Drivers and Job Assignment

Efficiently manage your forestry fleet with our advanced software, designed to streamline driver and job assignment processes. Optimise resource allocation, track job progress in real-time, and ensure timely completion of tasks. Experience enhanced productivity, improved communication, and seamless coordination within your forestry fleet management operations with our innovative software solution.


Remote Engine On/Off

Our tracking service offers an essential add-on feature i.e. Immobiliser, combined with Geofencing capabilities. With Immobiliser, you can remotely turn on/off engines, effectively preventing theft and unauthorised access to your vehicles.


Enhanced Security with Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility is a game-changer when it comes to safeguarding valuable equipment and vehicles on the field. With instant access to their locations and status updates, you can closely monitor their movements and ensure their safety. Any unauthorised or suspicious activities can be detected promptly, allowing for immediate action to prevent theft or damage.


Optimal Tracking Solution for Rental Farming Equipment

Our GPS tracking software is an excellent option for tracking rental farming equipment. With our intelligent solution, you can effortlessly monitor the location and status of the equipment, as well as generate automatic reports to track its performance. Gain valuable insights into equipment usage, including duration of operation and idle time, enabling you to optimise rental agreements and maximise profitability.


What We Offer

✔️Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles and equipment
✔️Route optimisation for efficient operations
✔️EWD (Electronic Work Diary)
✔️Remote Engine Shut-off Systems  
✔️Drivers and Job Assignment  

✔️Maintenance scheduling and tracking
✔️Fuel and Expenses Analytics
✔️Driver behavior monitoring and safety alerts
✔️Remote monitoring and control of equipment
✔️Fuel and expenses analytics
✔️Compliance management for regulations and permits


Track All Your Agricultural & Forestry Equipment's

Manage Vehicle’s fleet management software provides robust tracking capabilities for both agricultural and forestry equipment. From tractors and harvesters to chainsaws and skidders, our solution allows you to monitor and manage a wide range of equipment used in farming and forestry operations assets. 


Unlock Efficiency and Compliance

Our fleet management and compliance software is the perfect solution for the forestry and agriculture industries, offering a range of benefits. Streamline your fleet operations, optimise resource utilisation, and ensure regulatory compliance with ease. To learn more about our solution and how it can benefit your business, call us today.