Electronic Work Diary

Tired of paperwork for fatigue compliance? Try Manage Vehicle’s EWD (Electronic Work Diary) for a digital solution. Say goodbye to manual work diaries and ensure compliance with ease.

Electronic Work Diary

Compliant Electronic Work Diary Solution

Simplify fatigue management and ensure compliance with our electronic work diary solution. Empower drivers with a single source of fatigue information, eliminating the need for written work diaries. Streamline operations while prioritising driver safety and regulatory adherence effortlessly.

Real-time Audits & Easy Reporting with EWD

Efficiently manage audits and reports with our EWD solution. Access real-time information, compile reports effortlessly, and record driver non-compliance. Say goodbye to wasted time on paperwork and enjoy automated audits that eliminate duplication and errors. Simplify your workflow and streamline compliance with our EWD solution.


Increase Fleet Efficiency

Our electronic work diary (EWD) is the ideal solution for fleet managers and drivers to efficiently and accurately record and manage their work and rest hours. By replacing traditional paper-based logbooks, our EWD streamlines the process and offers a digital platform for drivers and operators.


All-in-one solution

Optimise your operations with our all-in-one EWD solution. Our device centralises essential tools for drivers, enabling them to complete checklists, receive messages, record job progress, and fill out forms on a single platform. Simplify driver processes and experience increased efficiency with our comprehensive solution.


Improve Safety

Ensure driver health and safety with EWDs. Stay compliant by receiving rest break notifications based on work hours completed. EWDs simplify fatigue management, and necessary information for informed decisions on the road. Prioritise driver well-being with our intuitive EWD solution.


Cost Savings

Implementing an Electronic Work Diary (EWD) solution in your fleet offers substantial cost savings. It reduces administrative expenses, enhances operational efficiency, improves compliance management, increases driver productivity, and more.


Advantages of Our EWD Solution: Unparalleled Features

Discover the exceptional features and benefits of our EWD solution, setting it apart from the rest. Enhance compliance, optimise operations, and drive productivity with our cutting-edge EWD solution today.

Driver Safety

Manage Vehicle’s EWD solution significantly improves the safety of drivers by providing various features and functionalities designed to enhance safety.

  • Live Fatigue Data¬†For Drivers
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Speeding/ Reckless Driving Alerts
  • Route Planning
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Digital Workflow
  • Seamless Integration and Scalability
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling and Alerts
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Streamlined Dispatching and Routing

Operational Efficiency

Unleash the potential of Manage Vehicle and transform your fleet’s efficiency. With our all-inclusive suite of tools, unlock peak performance. Experience optimised fleet operations like never before with our cutting-edge EWD solution.

Reduce Compliance Events & Risk

Our Electronic Work Diary solution significantly reduces compliance-related incidents and minimises risk factors, resulting in enhanced safety and operational efficiency. By providing drivers with the ability to update their fatigue status directly from the device and easily edit or add fatigue events.

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Mass/Maintenance/Fatigue Management
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Faults and Incidents Management
  • Automated Logging
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • +More…

How do EWDs streamline work and rest hour management?

Electronic Work Diarys revolutionise work and rest hour management by replacing manual diaries with user-friendly digital tools. With just a few clicks, drivers can record and manage their activities seamlessly, while back office staff experience a significant reduction in paperwork and administrative burdens.


Frequently Asked Questions: Your Queries, Our Answers

An Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is a digital system. It helps truck drivers and operators track their driving and rest hours, replacing traditional paper-based logs. It uses technology to automate record-keeping, ensuring compliance with regulations and improving accuracy.

An EWD typically operates through a mobile device or tablet. Drivers can use the EWD app to log their work and rest hours, view their compliance status, receive notifications for required rest breaks, and generate reports for compliance purposes.

Using an EWD offers several benefits, including accurate and real-time tracking of work and rest hours, improved compliance management, reduction in administrative tasks and paperwork, enhanced driver safety by preventing fatigue-related incidents, and simplified reporting and record-keeping processes.

Yes, EWD solutions are designed to comply with relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards. They are built to ensure accurate record-keeping, enforce work hour limits, and provide necessary reports for compliance purposes.

Yes, EWD solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of various fleet types, including long-haul trucking, delivery services, transportation companies, and more. They can be customised to comply with specific industry regulations and adapt to different operational requirements.

To begin your journey with an EWD solution, simply reach out to our team of experts specializing in fleet management solutions. We will be your trusted partner, offering guidance throughout the implementation process, comprehensive training, ongoing support, and seamless integration of the EWD solution. Contact us today and take the first step towards optimising your fleet operations with our EWD solution.

Using an EWD (Electronic Work Diary) is more efficient and accurate than a WWD (Written Work Diary) because it automates tracking of driving and rest hours, reducing the risk of errors and making compliance reporting easier.

Digitise Fatigue Management with Electronic Work Diaries

Upgrade to an approved electronic work diary solution in Australia for efficient fatigue management. Simplify record-keeping, enhance accuracy, and comply with regulations effortlessly. Also, streamline your operations and prioritise employee well-being with ease.

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