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Solution for Transportation & Logistics Industry

Optimise your logistics and transportation fleet with Manage Vehicle’s centralised software solution. Increase asset visibility and effortlessly track all aspects of your fleet, including maintenance, inspections, utilisation, and costs. Reduce downtime and improve operations for maximum productivity.

Transportation & Logistics Industry fleet-solution

Power of Our Integrated Logistics Systems

We simplify compliance and boost efficiency for logistics fleets. Trust our solution for HVNL ( Heavy Vehicle National Law) regulations, while optimising operations, enhancing safety, and streamlining productivity with our integrated vehicle management systems (IVMS). Drive success with us.

Comprehensive Tracking

Optimise your logistics and transportation fleet with GPS tracking. Our advanced system provides real-time location tracking for your vehicles, enabling you to monitor their movements with precision. With this powerful tool, you can enhance efficiency, improve route planning, and ensure timely deliveries.


Job Allocation

“Efficient Job Dispatch and Mobility Management”
Dispatch relevant job information to your drivers, keeping customers informed and meeting their requirements. Streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimise mobility management with our user-friendly solution.


Driver Safety & Compliance

Driver Safety & Compliance: Protecting Your Valuable Asset
Our top priority is the safety of your drivers, recognising them as your most valuable asset. We understand that non-compliance risks are simply too significant to ignore. With our comprehensive solution, ensure driver safety and compliance, mitigating risks and maintaining a secure work environment.


Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

Ensure electronic work diary (EWD) compliance effortlessly with our user-friendly solution. Streamline your record-keeping processes, eliminate manual paperwork, and simplify compliance management. Experience a seamless transition to EWD and focus on what matters most – efficiently managing your fleet.


Vehicle & Engine Management

Efficiently manage your fleet by accessing real-time engine data to stay on top of maintenance requirements. With our vehicle and engine management solution, you can proactively address maintenance needs, prevent breakdowns, and keep your fleet operating at peak performance. Stay ahead of the curve and maximise productivity with our powerful tools and insights.


Smart Dashcam

Elevate logistics and transport fleet management with our smart dashcam. Experience real-time video recording, GPS tracking, and AI-powered analytics for improved driver safety, optimised operations, and enhanced fleet efficiency. Gain valuable insights, prevent accidents, and streamline your logistics operations with our advanced smart dashcam solution.


Get the Right Solution for Your Transportation & Logistics

Eliminate the risk of costly downtime for your transportation fleet with our comprehensive solution. Customise your maintenance workflow to perfectly align with your specific mobile assets. By implementing preventive maintenance schedules, digital work orders, and tracking results, you can expedite the maintenance process, extend the lifespan of your assets, and significantly reduce costs.


We've Got You Covered!

✔️Real-time Tracking/Geofencing     
✔️Drivers and Job Assignment
✔️Driver Safety & Compliance
✔️Vehicle & Engine Management
✔️User-Friendly Driver App
✔️Electronic Work Diary (EWD)
✔️Fuel and expenses analytics
✔️Mass/Maintenance/Fatigue Management
✔️ECM tracking/ Speed Buzzers
✔️ Smart Dashcams/ Incident Footages
✔️Services and Maintenance Reminders
✔️ Speeding/ Reckless Driving Alerts        


Track Fleet Critical Data from Anywhere

Our user-friendly interface enables you to access your fleet’s critical data from anywhere, anytime. Now, take control of your transportation fleet’s performance with our comprehensive solution. Seamlessly manage and monitor all aspects of your fleet in one place, optimising efficiencies across your operations.


Trusted by Global Transportation Fleets

Our solution has gained the trust of logistics and transportation fleets across various industries and sizes. Whether it’s large logistics giants or small-scale operations, our robust platform is designed to meet the diverse needs of transportation businesses. Join the industry leaders who rely on Manage Vehicle to revolutionise their fleet management.