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Drivers and Job Assignment

Efficiently manage your fleet workforce with Drivers and Job Assignment. Our compliance management software streamlines job allocation, monitors driver availability, and optimises your fleet for seamless operations. Stay organised, improve productivity, and ensure timely deliveries with this essential feature.

Vehicle and Assets Management

Simplify vehicle and asset management with our compliance management software, tailored for Australian rules. Stay on top of maintenance schedules, registration, and inspections, ensuring adherence to Australian regulations. Effortlessly manage your fleet, ensure compliance, and drive operational excellence with our comprehensive solution.


Faults and Incidents Management

Efficiently handle faults and incidents with our management system, designed for fleets. Our solution enables seamless tracking and resolution of issues, promoting safety and minimising disruptions. Stay proactive, enhance fleet performance, and maintain compliance with Australian standards using this user-friendly feature.


Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

Streamline logbook management with our Electronic Work Diary (EWD). Compliant with Australian regulations, our solution automates recording driving hours, simplifying compliance, and minimising administrative burden. Stay on the right side of the law while ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of driver activities with this essential tool.


Documents Management and Reporting

Simplify document organisation and reporting with our compliance solution. From storing essential documents to generating comprehensive reports, our system ensures easy access and efficient data analysis. Stay organised, track vital information, and make informed decisions with this feature designed to enhance your fleet’s performance.

Fuel and expenses analytics

Optimise your fleet’s fuel and expenses with our analytics feature. Our fleet solution provides real-time tracking and detailed insights into fuel consumption, expenses, and cost trends. Analyse data, identify savings opportunities, and drive cost-efficiency to maximise your fleet’s profitability.


Mass / Maintenance / Fatigue Management

Ensure compliance and safety with Mass, Maintenance, and Fatigue Management. Our solution helps you monitor vehicle weight, schedule maintenance, and track driver hours to prevent fatigue-related risks. Stay on top of regulations, enhance road safety, and maintain a well-operating fleet with this comprehensive feature.