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Advantages of Using Geofencing in Your Fleet Operations

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It is vital to have the appropriate fleet management technology tools to ensure efficient operations. While its GPS fleet tracking is the most frequently used function by fleets, it also enables the use of additional important features.

A geofence is a virtual boundary around a specific location. Using this technology, you can set up to one hundred geofences around the area you want to monitor. The fleets are assigned to these virtual boundaries so you can receive an alert whenever the vehicle enters or exits a geofence’s limits.

Geofencing also allows you to set up alerts for time-based activities, like when your drivers have to leave for their next delivery. You can then receive alerts and track their movements over time. This will help you anticipate issues and reduce the time for which your drivers have to wait for the following order.

Here are the advantages of using geofencing in your fleet operations:

1. Keeps Watch on Employees Who Must Drive Through Dangerous Areas

You can set up geofences around areas known for their crime rate. As you receive the alert, this will prompt you to check the status of your drivers and see if they are at risk or not. You can also instruct them on avoiding danger and avoiding getting to the risky area if possible.

2. Effectively Distributes Your Fleet

You can set boundaries for each of the branches of your business. As each unit has its geofence, it is easier to keep track of the vehicles and see where they are operating. You can also see if your drivers are covering all the locations or if there is an area where you are left without services.

Furthermore, if you need to monitor the fleet for a specific area or industry, you can set multiple geofences within the same zone.

3. Gathers Travel-Related Data to Improve Fleet Efficiency

You can get the travel-related data of the fleet by setting up multiple geofences in the same area. This will allow you to view which routes the fleet takes, how much time they spend in specific zones, and the number of miles travelled.

You can use this information to see where to cut down on unnecessary travel and identify where to improve your service or increase your delivery output.

4. Reduces Fuel and Maintenance Costs

When you know your fleet’s routes, you can restrict unnecessary travel. This will make them spend less time on the road and reduce the amount of fuel they use. 

With less fuel usage, you will also experience reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, you can use this information to schedule maintenance and repairs at the most efficient times.

5. Sets Up Alarms on Vehicles

Before a vehicle gets reported as missing or stolen, it is most likely just late or stuck in traffic. By setting up geofences around areas with high traffic or at the routes that your fleet commonly uses, you can receive an alert when they enter the zone.


Wireless GPS fleet tracking systems are now credited with providing numerous benefits for fleet owners and users. Geofencing is one of the main features of these systems. With geofence alert systems, fleet owners can receive real-time alerts for location changes of their fleet and take appropriate actions.

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