6 Reasons GPS Is Great for Business Fleet Management

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With Global Positioning System (GPS) units now commonplace in an electronically-dependent world, drivers and travellers no longer need fiddling with large maps or remembering confusing directions just to reach their destination. They can simply tap into a GPS-powered app, locate themselves accurately, and get the best routes to get there safely, sound, and fast! 

GPS is not just beneficial for the average driver or commuter, though. It also has great applications for business vehicle management! Here are some reasons a GPS is great for company fleets!

Better Efficiency

Why waste time manually plotting the best routes according to hearsay, past advice, or intuition when GPS can do it for you! Not only does it note the directions to your destination, but it also plots the best one to shorten travel time, avoid traffic, and prevent gasoline wastage!

Some fleet GPS tracking systems even monitor fuel usage, driver behaviour, engine idling, carbon emissions, etc., data that could result in better resource management. As such, you can better identify ways to cut costs and lessen environmental impact through minimised carbon emissions.

The above tracking features also empower managers to analyse data to fully maximise trips between locations so that cars spend less time in the garage or travel sporadically for deliveries and simply go back home. GPS technology can make each fleet vehicle go to the closest routes to accomplish work before returning to the garage, ready for the following day.

Better Bottom Line

The best fleet GPS tracking systems bring more income to your business’s bottom line by lessening vehicle expenses. Less time in traffic means faster deliveries and commutes, less gas wasted via stalling, and more work done in a day! Fuel, money, time, and trips are maximised to the last drop, dime, second, and mile! Minimised automotive costs equals more money going into your business than out.

Better Business Relationships

Customers enjoy certain predictability concerning their transportation suppliers’ services. The more certain transport businesses can promise a definite delivery date, the higher the trust due to reliability. Data and metrics provided by GPS apps can improve client satisfaction and relationships since they show just how consistent transportation is based on previous trends.

Better Auto Insurance Policies

Due to the efficiency in fuel consumption and travel routes GPS provides, some insurance companies offer unique discounts to fleets equipped with this technology. Lesser road time on a daily and cumulative basis means lesser risks for accidents and hefty payouts for victims.

Better Fleet Team Management

Fleet vehicle management is not just limited to the vehicles themselves, but their drivers as well! With GPS, fleet managers can better train their drivers and mechanics to avoid specific routes or schedule routine maintenance after a certain number of miles.

While reliable data is essential, one cannot neglect the human connection in fleet management. Ensure your managers constantly get feedback from drivers to spot auto problems detectable only through personal experience, not number-crunching.

Better Budgeting

The best fleet GPS tracking systems enable businesses to plot their transportation budgets based on the information recorded from trips. Since these record daily, weekly, and monthly, GPS apps can provide real-time results on consumption and costs, resulting in more accurate estimates for the following year.

Tip: Be sure to account for the inflation of gas prices for a more realistic figure.

Ready, Get Set, Go

Fleet services and maintenance can be a financial black hole until you have the right tools to improve your ROI. That’s why any sensible fleet manager needs to maximise their fleet operations best through GPS with these six practical reasons. If your business’s management is still a bit old school regarding automotive technology, encourage them to read this article to prove just how beneficial GPS is down the line.

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