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How Fleet Tracking Software Helps with Commercial Vehicle Theft

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One of the challenges of commercial vehicle fleets is vehicle theft. Even though it’s not as prevalent, commercial theft is still a big business that amounts to billions in stolen cargo and commercial assets every year. 

The good news is that there are many ways a fleet can protect its assets and increase the potential for stolen vehicle recovery. How?

Vehicle Recovery System (VRS)

VRS is a technology solution that traces a vehicle’s GPS location in real-time and provides vital vehicle data, such as vehicle location, speed, direction and engine status, for quick and easy recovery.

The system allows for a quick response to movements outside of normal patterns and can identify whether the driver is in imminent danger or has been hijacked.

Fleets that install the VRS can track the behaviour of their drivers and spot anomalies that could help identify potential threats. A simple example is if a driver routinely stops in a particular area and then continues to the next destination; with a VRS, you can see where he goes after he leaves the area where he usually stops.

How Fleet Tracking Software Works

Fleet tracking software is another effective solution which is becoming very popular in today’s vehicles. This kind of tracking software is installed in the vehicle and uses its internal systems to track and report on the vehicle’s position and movements.

This technology is similar to GPS trackers but is not as easy to locate and remove. The small devices are installed under the car’s dashboard and are not visible to the naked eye or even the trained eye.

In some circumstances, the fleet tracking software can be installed in the vehicles’ computers and the vehicles’ ECU (Engine Control Unit). It sends information from the vehicle to a website where the fleet manager can monitor the location and movements of its fleet.

This tracking software can also offer additional features such as remote immobilization, where the vehicle engine can be turned off remotely, as well as alerts and warnings to the fleet manager to notify him of a possible theft in progress.

Other ways it can be used:

  • Geofencing

Allows the fleet manager to surround the vehicle with a virtual fence, a virtual barrier that informs the fleet manager when the vehicle leaves a pre-defined area.

  • Route Optimisation

This feature optimises a vehicle’s route based on its cargo and destination.

  • Speed Alerts

Lets the fleet manager know when the vehicle exceeds the designated speed limits.

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking Software

Some of the main benefits of fleet tracking software include:

  • Faster Vehicle Recovery

Automating the process of vehicle theft recovery with fleet tracking software and a vehicle recovery system reduces response times and increases the likelihood that the vehicle can be retrieved.

  • Minimising Risk

Fleet tracking software minimises risk for fleets and ensures the safety of employees and drivers.

  • Safer Driving

Fleet tracking software can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that drivers are adhering to traffic rules and regulations.

  • Reduced Fuel Costs

When used effectively, fleet tracking software can ensure that vehicles are being used responsibly and efficiently.

  • Improved Driver Behaviour

Using fleet tracking software to monitor driving behaviour can allow management to spot any unsafe driving behaviour and address it before it becomes a bigger problem.

  • Compliance

Fleet tracking software can help ensure fleets comply with government regulations.

The Bottom Line

With the proper protection in place, a fleet can greatly reduce the risk of vehicle theft and be prepared to react quickly and effectively if a vehicle is stolen.

By using fleet tracking software, a fleet can increase the speed of vehicle recovery and reduce the risk of liability when a stolen vehicle causes an accident.

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