How GPS Technology Works?

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To go in depth about how does GPS works, firstly you have to know what exactly is this technology? This article contains all the compulsory information that you must know before making any decision on GPS investment and its installation.

Let’s begin with the eye knocking fact. The use of satellite is absolutely FREE! Yes, you just read that! FREE.

       Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System is the satellite-based system. To define details about any object, but its movement and it’s positioning. This process is done through end to end connection of four satellites revolving around the earth. Which transmit signals to the origin but related to the targeted body. Therefore, to determine the position of the object, signals measure the distance between all four satellites. These signals than translate how far the object exactly is placed.

To spread out your understanding, it is exactly similar to measure your position in a square but if you have an idea of your positioning to the distance of four corners.

                                   GPS BOX

GPS technology is optimized by the GPS receiver box. This is fitted to the object getting signals. Mostly used by transportation and logistics business. Which contains microcomputer for data processing, data collection unit, storage and data transmitting unit. These components are effective to communicate with receiving technologies and software. Such as GSM/GPRS modem to cellular networks. However, RF modem transmits information to the RF antenna.


Functioning of GPS box

Let’s talk about the functions of the box perform GPS tracking.

  • First, the GPS receiver receives the signals from a satellite.
  • This information stored in the memory chip
  • GSM/GPRS modems communicate the stored data to connected networks. Data remains stored until the connection made.
  • RF modem is an additional component to some GPS box which transmits data on determined connections. Such as petrol pumps or office.
  • GPS box control board controls all these activities.

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