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5 Reasons It’s Worth Investing in a Dash Cam with Fleet GPS Tracking

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Safety is one of the core reasons why the fleet dash cam was first developed. Before the widespread use of this camera, truckers would sometimes risk transporting illegal items without being caught by camera or sound surveillance. 

They’d often run the risk of getting caught because their vehicles lacked both recording and sound equipment. However, a fleet GPS tracking system with a dash cam has significantly reduced the number of truck accidents as well as accidents involving other vehicles. 

What exactly are the features of fleet management and tracking systems that enable drivers to push their level of safety to a higher degree and reliability? It includes the following:

  • Multi-Camera Systems
  • Intelligent Sensors
  • Cloud Storage Capabilities
  • Tracking
  • Recording Driver Time

Aside from the fact that there are more vehicles on the road, the number of fatalities involving trucks has also been on the rise. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that having a dash cam with additional features such as fleet GPS tracking can enhance your fleet’s experience in more ways than one. 

What are the Benefits of a Dash Cam with Fleet GPS Tracking?

Advantage #1: It Boosts Driver Safety 

In the same manner that a fleet GPS tracking system allows you to make timely deliveries, a dash cam can help you make smart decisions when it comes to road safety. It can provide the driver with a recording of their daily life on the road, which they can use to improve their driving skills.

Advantage #2: It Enhances Vehicle Safety 

As a fleet owner, you should invest in a dash cam if you want to ensure that your fleet vehicles are in excellent condition at all times. This type of camera gives you mobile footage of your vehicles, which you can use to get a better picture of their condition.

Not to mention, a dash cam can capture what’s happening on the road, and thus, it can provide drivers with visual evidence if a certain incident occurs.

Advantage #3: Promoting Efficient Routing

Fleet management software is a reliable way to ensure that your drivers are using the most efficient routing for deliveries. There are several software providers that provide this service to their clients.

Fleet GPS tracking is a useful tool that enables you to track your fleet delivery’s locations and routes. It also helps you track the drivers’ location, speed and even their driving habits.

As a fleet owner, you’d be able to create a route map of the drivers in your fleet who are on the move. This can be useful when you’re in the process of planning the best route for your drivers to take, which in turn leads to more efficient routing.

Advantage #4: Improve Influence Discounts and Strengthen Defense Against Unfair Charges

A fleet GPS monitoring system that has a dash cam will surely give you the evidence you need to improve your fleet’s rating in your insurance provider and other fleet-related companies.

Fleet GPS tracking systems can provide you with a record of the whereabouts of your drivers, which you can use as proof for claims of inefficiency or ill-treatment. Along with that, you can use these records as grounds to defend against any unfair charges.

Advantage #5: Quick Response to Break Downs 

Fleet GPS tracking systems with a dash cam can give you quick information about when a certain driver is having a technical issue. It will provide you with the precise location of their vehicle so you can send a technical crew to the scene.

The Bottom Line: How Dash Cam with Fleet GPS Tracking Offers the Best of Both Worlds

A fleet GPS tracking system is an important tool that can help you improve the efficiency of your delivery service and the safety of your delivery staff. However, a dashboard camera is also an important addition that will help you achieve the same goals.

In the same way that a GPS tracking system can help you keep track of your vehicles and your drivers, a dash cam can give you security against accidents and confidence about your staff’s performance.

It does all this without draining your energy and allowing you to focus on other things that improve your business further.

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