Why You Should Install a Dash Cam With GPS Tracking for Your Fleet

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Driving a vehicle requires you to stay alert, keep your eyes on the road, and focus on you and your passengers’ safety at all times. Whether you’re driving a car for personal or work-related reasons, one essential method to maintaining your protection is to install a dash camera.

It shouldn’t be just any regular dashcam, for that matter, because having a GPS tracking feature is a great way to protect drivers on the road, especially those working under a company. Thanks to its high-resolution video, a dashcam offers proof in the event that you get into an accident.

Keep reading below to learn more reasons to consider installing a dashcam with GPS tracking for your fleet to help improve your business and monitor your vehicles the best way possible.

Understanding Dash Cameras with GPS Tracking

A dash camera is also called a dashboard camera or dashcam. It’s an image capturing device you install in your vehicle to record video clips of the road in front of you as well as the inside of the car. If you’re looking for a reliable dashcam for better business vehicle management, you should invest in one that offers real-time GPS tracking, internet connectivity, and g-sensor.

When you acquire those features, you can look forward to relying on a system that can detect safety-related affairs automatically. It includes sudden brakes, immediate turns, and collisions. What a high-tech dashcam does is it uploads the footage of the incident straight to the cloud.

Advantages of Installing Dashcams with GPS Tracking

Saves Drivers from False Claims During Road Accidents

If you own a large corporation catering to a fleet of trucks, you require effective vehicle management solutions to ensure the safety of your drivers and employees. While you cannot control road accidents, you can save your drivers from the consequences, especially if they aren’t at fault.

For incidents involving your truck and another vehicle, your driver doesn’t have to worry about getting blamed if they know they’re innocent because a dashcam will serve as their way out. After the collision, the footage of the incident will automatically be uploaded to the cloud, exonerating your innocent driver immediately.

Minimizes Collisions and Other Unfortunate Incidents

If you notice your fleet goes through more collisions than usual, you can use the footage their dashcams upload to the cloud and review them to determine the past incidents. Whether they involve near-misses, distracted driving, or other reasons, you have a clearer idea about the situation.

When you discover that your drivers aren’t paying attention on the road too much, you can call them over and let them know about what they’re doing. In addition, you could hold seminars or meetings to remind your drivers about road regulations, driving rules, and company policies.

Reduces Expenses Related to Your Car Insurance

Every company offering fleets requires corresponding insurance to protect employees, clients, and the business. A considerable part of the insurance coverage is safety. Thanks to dashcams, they can significantly increase your employees’ safety and reduce risks on the road.

As a result, once your insurance company finds out you’re using a dashcam with smart fleet GPS tracking features, there’s a high chance they could offer you a premium discount. If not, they could also provide credit or subsidy because of your desire to utilise dashcams.


Installing dashcams with GPS tracking for your fleet is a fantastic solution to maintaining the safety and professionalism of your business and your employees. The device helps save your drivers from false claims, minimises collisions and other incidents, and reduces car insurance expenses for the benefit of your company.

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