A fleet of of big trucks

Tips for fleet management for effective return

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Balancing fleet management effectively is not less than winning a hopeless battle nowadays. Whether the fleet is large or small, you need the right tips for fleet management

You will get tons of technologies, solutions, vehicle tracking providers and ways that will claim to help you to improve your fleet performance and maintenance. However, before jumping to any solution, it’s necessary to have a real understanding of the real needs of the organization as well as the performance standards currently being attained.

Exceptional & smart fleet management will offer diverse benefits such as better productivity, increased business efficiency, reduced fuel usage & more.

In fact, with the smart fleet management, you will get happy customers by supplying goods and services on time.

So, what can you do to keep your fleet in top shape? Here, we are sharing some expert tips that can help you to win this effective fleet management battle. 

How to improve fleet management?

Just consider all the below tips , and you are good to go with the effective fleet management . Here, we have shared all the tips that everyone should follow step by step. In fact , many of fleet mangers implement them on their strategies for better performance.

A fleet of of big trucks

Tip 1. Get a fleet management program

It’s an important key that should be used to grab all benefits for smart move fleet management. You need a well executed fleet vehicle management plan that will serve as a major contributor to any business’ bottom line.

This program will include tracking, evaluating, to optimizing every element of the fleet that can help you to get smart move fleet management.

The element of the fleet such as : 

  • Buying vehicles
  • Monitoring the fleet
  • Managing costs
  • Appointing and training drivers
  • Modifying the safety set of rules
  • Setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Preparing the team for all operation situations 
  • Justifying associated risks.

Tip 2. Keep all records of drivers

When it comes to vehicle management, then keeping all records is crucial. The fleet manager should know about all the details such as which vehicle will be handled by which driver, during which time.

all drivers record for best fleet management

Therefore, always make sure that you have all the records and logs that are signed daily by the drivers. The log where all information is given i.e. driver’s name, date, number of vehicles as they drive, and the time they started and came back. Always, keep this in mind that you need a smart fleet management, and follow steps accordingly. 

Tip 3. Digital & physical record of the vehicle

Just like it is necessary to keep a record of the drivers for good management, in the same way, it is also necessary to keep a physical and digital record of all vehicles. 

A vehicle record that tells: 

  • Vehicle Condition: this will help to address all the mechanical problems
  • Mileage: The mileage details before and after the shift 
  • Tire conditions and pressure: write down daily tire and pressure conditions in a record.
  • Maintenance history:  Such as the date of the last tire, oil change for all vehicles in the fleet
  • Common Routes:  common route details that tells where the vehicles are mostly taken through 
  • Alternate routes: When the traffic is heavy, drivers choose which alternate route. that can avoid heavy traffic patterns

By keeping all the above digital/physical records, it is very simple to manage the fleet. You just need to retrieve the record and then perform regular maintenance accordingly. 

Its a smart move fleet management tips for effective return. 

Tip 4.  Advanced Fleet Management Software

If you have good tools, then what is the need to trouble yourself. Because smart fleet management software will manage every fleet’s operations. Fleet managers can easily track and maintain their fleet in a simple yet effective way. 

You can take the help of any fleet management system, either mobile based fleet management applications or desktop-based fleet systems. Mobile applications are now available to manage all types of transportation.

By using the best fleet software, you can not only get complete control over almost every aspect of the fleet’s operations. But, it can also help in regulatory requirements, check out below: 

  • Reduce the operational costs
  • Improves fleet visibility 
  • Improves fuel management 
  • Increase profitability 
  • Driver satisfaction

So, look for the best fleet management software that helps to convert your current fleet operating procedure to an easy one.  You will get a boost engagement and will be able to establish a better security experience for all stakeholders.

If you are from Australia, you already know how difficult is to manage traffic, and everything.  So, you must look for the fleet management software Australia. Hence, your fleet managers will be able to perform his job perfectly and smoothly.

The fleet management software has all features such as real-time alerts, route optimization plans, planning for deliveries on time, and more. Choose the right fleet management software that can be easily integrated into your systems.

Auto fleet management can also work as first come first serve, batch-wise, or you can allocate the task to agents one by one based on the nearest location. It depends on your choice as well.  

You can ask for fleet management iphone app, fleet management app android, and desktop too. 

If you want to know more about fleet management software, then talk to our experts.

Tip 5. Hire Expert Team

Before choosing any other tips for fleet management, you should choose your team wisely. Your driver teams should’ve qualified, so during hiring consider some factors. The applicant should have a medical card that states he is perfectly fine and fit for driving commercial vehicles.

Besides, also check out these factors that play a major role in making efficient fleet management : 

  • Driving license: Check their driving license to know it is valid or not.
  • Potential: Know their physical and mental potential to operate vehicles in a safe manner
  • Department of Transportation’s (DOT) medical card
  • Commercial  driving license (CDL) to operate truck vehicles
  • Experience: Review their employment history and performance
  • Screening: Check his certified pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
  • Driving Record: Checkout his driving record to know more about the applicant

Try to learn everything about the applicant before hiring, consider all the above points to get the best fleet management team for your company. 

Tip 6. Training Program for drivers

Even, your team is 100% qualified! But, you should offer them training. The additional training with instructions will help even more. Sometimes, an experienced driver can look for training and tips. In the training,  brief them to drive on different types of roads, hazards of unfocused and weak driving, and first aid methods. 

safe driving tips for fleet management

With these additional training programs, it will decrease the accident rates, cut down the vehicle repair costs, and lessen legal issues.

Brief them everything from scratch, such as the importance of wearing seat belts, and what to do in case of a road incident, a vehicle breakdown, or crash.

Stick to the safety rules and make it mandatory for every member. Make sure that safety rules are being followed by everyone. Discuss all the facts that may occur due to distracted driving and the use of mobile devices during driving.

Take the staff sign to the safety rules to ensure their understanding of these policies. You an easily replace the simple move to the smart move fleet management.

Regular training programs are also very important to improve drivers’ performance.  Your teams should always be up to date with the transportation industry trends and any change in company rules or standards.

In case, you have hired less experienced employees, then offer them on-road and off-road real-time training with the support of experienced staff.

Tip 7. GPS tracking systems for fleet management

Use a smart GPS system that will help you to get real time tracking.  These global positioning systems (GPS)can be used to track the exact location of any vehicle. They are simple to install and ready to use anytime without any error.  GPS trackers can be used for trucks and other vehicles too. This GPS tracking system for fleet management will help to get better management in an affordable way.


Track your trucks, car, drivers real time! By using them, you don’t need to call your driver, again and again, to know where he is right now. You will get all the location or task updates through a GPS tracker.  This live tracking system is a best tips for fleet management. 

Get a free quote today! You can ask for anything from fleet maintenance management software to live GPS tracking systems for fleet management.

Or, we can say it is a kind of anti theft solution if a vehicle is missing or someone has stolen it, the manager can check the location.

Tip 8. Take care of your vehicles

Everyone needs care, whether it’s a newborn baby or your vehicles. Hence, giving them the right maintenance at the right time will help your organization. Check each vehicle and schedule their maintenance accordingly. This will cut down the risks related to fleet operations, guarantee safety, and reduce spending on repairs also.

Keep updating your system with every vehicle maintenance details. Also, give attention to routine maintenance for every type of vehicle.

As we know emergency maintenance is unplanned. In this case, your preventive and routine maintenance policy will help your staff and firm.

Tip 9. Insurance policies

You can build a simple process with the right fleet insurance policy, all vehicles can be covered. Choose the right coverage that is affordable for your specific fleet. 

To check whether your current policy is meeting their insurance needs or not. Always write down and keep records of each insurance. Because, insurance policies change every year, but depends on companies. 

This fleet risk management insurance record will also help you to claim to minimize insurance costs in the future.


You should have a clear cut idea about the policy’s terms and conditions., while adding more drivers to your driving team. 

Check their offers from time to time, maybe you can avail some discounts. You can also take the help of your smart fleet management software to keep all the records and remind them on time. 

They can make your work easy and offer better fleet risk management insurance security or arrange any special training programs. You can take many advantages of fleet software to establish balanced fleet management. 

Consider all above tips for fleet management

Try to follow all the vehicle fleet management best practices, &  let us know if you found these tips for fleet management helpful. 

Also, if you are finding the right fleet management software Australia-You can trust us!

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