Can Technology Solve the Issues of Distracted Drivers?

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Contrary to popular belief, the number of traffic accidents caused by every other variable besides distracted drivers is almost a non-factor. In fact, poor road conditions, compromised vehicle components, and even harsh weather hazards offer fewer risks compared to distracted drivers. While this is a scary thought to consider for regular motorists, it’s an even more severe fact for fleet drivers.

Fleet managers need to run a tight operation, ensuring that their fleet’s deliveries arrive on time without any complications. For this reason, a road accident can do more than compromise their truck and respective driver’s safety. Besides the losses due to vehicle repairs, they will also need to shoulder damages from a disrupted delivery. Thankfully, fleet management software can serve as the solution for a fleet’s distracted drivers.

 Reinforcing Safer Trips Through Fleet Management Software

Technology has been seen as one of the leading causes of roadway accidents, from drivers answering phone calls to mindlessly watching movies from dashboard-mounted tablets. Studies show that drivers using their phones behind the wheel dramatically increases their risk of getting into a car accident. This is why it might seem ironic to think that technology through fleet management software can remedy this driving hazard.

Although distractions are unavoidable, even while on the road, you can still influence driving behaviour through other means. By training your fleet drivers to be better motorists, they will less likely be the target of their own mistakes. This is where fleet management software provides innovative solutions to teaching better driving behaviour.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons fleet management software can create safer roads for everyone.

1. Reinforcing Fleet Safety

The most important benefit of using fleet management software is its ability to better track your fleet’s different variables. It can track and compile driver behaviour and relay essential information you can use to remind your drivers to be safe during their runs. Through this collected data, you can maintain the safety of your deliveries by identifying and eliminating risk factors.

2. Training Better Fleet Drivers

With the data you can collect through fleet management software, you can then work towards more focused driver training sessions. Through telematics technology, you can create a profile of your drivers and identify the quality of their skill sets. This lets you make it easier to perform debriefings and employee assessments with more notable points for improvement.

3. Monitoring Fleet Movement

Besides identifying the driving behaviour of your employees, you’ll also have a better view of your deliveries through your fleet’s movements. Sophisticated gleet management software can spot actions like braking, accelerating, tailgating, and speeding to determine if your drivers have been too distracted on the road.

 Thankfully, you don’t need to wait for your drivers to get back to your facilities before you can warn them. Through an in-cabin audible alert, you can immediately notify your driver of their actions. This allows them to readjust their driving in real-time to prevent potential accidents while on the road.


Protecting your driver should be your priority as a fleet driver. This is why you should have the necessary preparations to keep them safe while they’re on route to their deliveries. Besides making maintenance checks on their trucks, you should also implement advanced management strategies to make them effective drivers. With the help of modern fleet management software, you can have the peace of mind that your fleet is in safer hands.

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