What are the fleet management challenges faced by fleet managers?

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A fleet manager is just like a captain where efficiency is very important. However, most fleet managers are stuck in tasks that consume their most time and give less productivity to the company. There are many challenges faced by fleet managers.  In fact, a recent survey of more than two thousand companies found that SMEs are completely disappointed because they are getting many errors, delay on tasks, and less productivity. 

Challenges faced by fleet managers 

“Secondly, fleet managers need digital help to take care of all tasks that are quite hard to be done manually. 

When we did the survey, see what we got:

  • 40% respondents believed that it takes too much time to fill the reporting of working time.
  • While fuel and vehicle management was an area of concern for some of them.
  • 55% believe that their vehicle costs exceed the requirement.

Here, see what are the challenges faced by fleet managers ? We are sharing the challenges that fleet managers face in fleet management and also, sharing solution so that they can be overcome through telematics and workflow automation.

Challenge 1. Time wasting on fleet management admin tasks


When it comes to fleet management, admin tasks play an important role in it. If you spend most of your time in admin work, then you need to look into this subject.

Look at the list of tasks that takes the most time

  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Identifying and Dispatching
  • Expense Management
  • Keeping Customers Informed

The above list clearly indicates a non-core business activity, all these tasks may take longer than the rest. Then how will fleet managers and their teams be able to focus their attention on the things that matter most? Replace daunting tasks with smart fleet management tasks & increase your productivity and spend on revenue-generating activities.

Manage Vehicle’s FLEET management software provides fleet managers with job-by-job insights. This software will help managers to deliver accurate time spent with clients and automated invoices, which can speed up billing.

Challenge 2: Fuel Costs | Challenges faced by fleet managers

Fuel costs Challenges faced by fleet managers

Fuel is a major cost for any fuel company. Infact from Manage Vehicle’s study, fleet managers and businesses agree that their company’s vehicles cost more than the requirement. Also, many companies are looking for the right solution.

How to reduce your fuel costs? Major challenges faced by fleet managers !

As a fleet manager you also have fuel management responsibilities such that you will need to find and implement the right method to save on fuel costs and consumption.

All you need to do is just change what you track, i.e. identify fuel consumption trends to reduce usage in your entire fleet. 

  • Track fuel consumption
  • Check instances of overuse of fuel
  • Monitor driver behaviour and how it impacts fuel consumption
  • Implement digitization through vehicle telematics to reduce fuel usage

Fleet managers can use fleet optimization applications to create efficient routes and find ‘continuous-move opportunities’ for their fleet, so they will not be able to sit idle for long periods.

Challenge 3: Fleet maintenance costs

Fleet- Rising fleet vehicle maintenance costs

Vehicle maintenance is really important to keep your fleet running smoothly & to prevent unexpected & expensive breakdowns. You vehicles should be operating in a good enough condition so that they are safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer.

How can fleet managers ensure regular maintenance is carried out routinely, while juggling all the other priorities on their lists? Automate your maintenance schedule, if you don’t track the maintenance and don’t know when are your vehicles due for maintenance? This could be a bigger cost than you anticipate.

However, keeping track all the time is quite hard, and you should take a help of fleet management software. The digital solution will help you save time and money. Many fleet managers are also using digital solutions to monitor maintenance scheduling.

Challenge 4: Communication barriers between drivers


As a fleet manager, communication with your drivers can be challenging, as you often deal with drivers on the road, not onsite. It is not possible to reach your drivers via SMS, email, radio or phone, making communication even more complicated.

Telematics can help create a more dynamic, flexible workflow, while giving the fleet manager and your team in the office a clearer, more complete view of how your fleet is performing on the roads.

Challenge 5: Estimated times of arrival for deliveries

Estimated delivery Challenges faced by fleet managers

Inaccurate estimated times of arrival for deliveries in particular can have a negative impact on the business’s reputation. Customers are no longer satisfied with rough estimations that span a few days – instead they want to know the exact time window on the exact day that they will receive their goods.

This is critical in terms of business survival, particularly when it comes to delivering within the estimated time of arrival.  Because of this, fleet managers find themselves spending up to 2 hours each day keeping customers informed of when to expect their deliveries. This is yet another challenges faced by fleet managers, i.e. time management.

Fleet Solution for Challenges faced by fleet managers

There can be more challenges faced by fleet managers ! It’s time to get a smart fleet solution where you don’t need to be at your desk to control your fleet. With Manage Vehicle Mobile, it’s all right there in the palm of your hand.


  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking
  • Two-way communication
  • Trip management
  • Dispatch new orders and jobs
  • Notific­a­tion and alerts

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