Fleet Management Software for Your Not-For-Profit Organisation

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Not-for-profit organisations are using fleet management software for many reasons. Fleet management, or Asset Tracking and Management as it is otherwise known, is an underutilised technology. One of the main reasons it’s not mainstream is because the not-for-profit sector is mostly made up of smaller organisations. Many have yet to realise the benefits of fleet management software, but learning more about it will help your organisation in its operations.

Better Cost Management

People are always looking for ways to save money, and this is particularly true for not-for-profi organisations. Using a fleet management solution means that costs can be reduced in several ways including:

  • Reducing driving cost
  • Consolidating inventory
  • Reducing the time for vehicle maintenance

Improved Internal Communication

Fleet management solutions also offer a simple way to communicate with employees. Not only does it help people who are often out of the office, but it can be used to send important messages from one branch to another. It doesn’t matter if they are working in the same office or on the other side of the country; they will get the message.

Better Service

When the running costs are reduced, the money saved can be used elsewhere, which can improve other aspects of your organisation. It’s an easy way to give members of your organisations more time and resources to offer a better service.

Have Better Fleet Visibility

Fleet management solutions are a great way to streamline your fleet control. By having more visibility over your fleet, you will be able to manage your expenses better, and because of that, you will be able to provide even better service.

Just think about all the scenarios a fleet management system could help you with:

  • When you want to trade in your old vehicle for a more fuel-efficient one
  • When you want to use your vans for a specific event
  • When a vehicle needs an immediate repair
  • What if you want to refresh your fleet with new vehicles
  • When you want to switch from a car to a van
  • When you want to use a bike to make deliveries
  • Need to move to a new location

The Right Fleet Management Software

As you can see, there are many benefits to fleet management. The problem is, choosing the right fleet management system can be tricky. Many systems don’t integrate. This means that information will be restricted to that system. Not all fleet management solutions are alike, so it’s important to do your research.

The chances are that if you are a small not-for-profit organisation, you will have a lot of different kinds of vehicles. It would be a lot of work for one person if they had to manage the information for each individual vehicle. If a fleet management solution is going to be used, it needs to be able to integrate with other systems so information can be passed between them.

Get the Right Software Today

Things change quickly in the not-for-profit sector. You never know when there will be an opportunity to save money or improve your service. But by having a fleet management system in place, you can react to these changes quickly and easily. Whether you are starting a new organisation or are already in operation, installing a fleet management solution is a great option for your cause.

Get the right fleet management software for your not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne. Manage Vehicle is a fleet management software and compliance system suitable for large and small fleets. Get started today!

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