How Does GPS works for Transport

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Understand the Process of GPS in Following steps

These are the steps to process transport tracking:

One- GPS system mounted in the vehicle/truck

Two- System generate information about the vehicle/truck position and save all details in memory.

Three- This box acts as a cell phone and sends information to GPS Tracking Command Center whenever a connection made to the mobile network.

Four- Because these information messages received from GPS are not human readable formats. Therefore, centres used specialized software, Manage Vehicle Cloud to translate it on the map.

Five- Command Center talks to ERP also. So this ERP is used by drivers to link GPS, vehicle and ultimately to the docket.

              GPS A Useful tool for Transportation

Hence, GPS is highly popular in the transportation business. Although, any business that has an involvement of a vehicle or fleet is benefited by this technology the most. Following are the outcomes that will not just limit to track the transport. But also optimize the business operational efficiency by using GPS as a tracking tool in your vehicle.

Major Benefits of GPS transport tracking software

  • Create alerts on transport to check in and check out location based.
  • Route deviation alert
  • Daily report on start and end time of the trip
  • Total distance travelled on the day report
  • Over stoppage report with location and time
  • Tabular report
  • Live dashboard indicates total drive time and distance
  • Adherence report for trips and route
  • Over speeding alert
  • Night driving alert
  • SMS alerts but on a defined operational hierarchy
  • Extended halts alert on unauthorized location
  • View group of vehicles per location and time
  • Consolidated fleet performance report
  • Consolidated report speed and vehicle halt violation.
  • Alerts on trips delayed
  • Alerts of fuel status and fuel graph report
  • Independent access with password per vehicle
  • View only access for driver assigned
  • Integrated delivery notification
  • Integration with exit SAP/ERP
  • MIS host reports on route and schedule
  • Automatic updates on feeds of every trip

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