A Safety Option: Getting Your Drivers to Use Dash Cams

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In an industry where companies are constantly vying for customers, prioritising safety is one of the best ways to set your company apart. A safe fleet is a valuable asset that can help you attract and retain customers. That said, there is no doubt that using in-cab video telematics is one of the best ways to improve safety on the roads. The thing is, many commercial drivers feel that dash cams are intrusive and limit their independence. Fleet managers may be hesitant to implement a dash cam program because it could be unpopular with the drivers. However, the safety of the drivers is always the top priority.

If you happen to be a fleet manager and you want to convince your drivers to buy-in for dash cams, you may need to take note of the following tips.

1. Be Transparent about It

It’s important to build trust between drivers and management. Communicating openly about new technology is a key part of this. Holding open meetings and Q&A sessions to explain safety goals encourages drivers to participate actively in the success of the fleet.

Technology can help make fleets safer, but only if everyone is on board with using it correctly. If drivers feel like they’re being kept in the dark about new tech, they’re less likely to trust it – which could put the whole fleet at risk.

2. Be the First to Do It

This strategy involves installing dash cams in management vehicles, including yours, to show that the company is supportive of the technology. After that, a few select drivers who are willing to use dash cams are chosen, and they share their experiences with the rest of the driver community. This helps to increase confidence in the dash cam technology.

3. Be Sure to Ask for Their Feedback as Well

It’s important to get drivers to use dash cams on a regular basis and not just as a one-time thing. You need to get their feedback regularly to make sure they stay committed to using the cameras. If you make them feel like their opinion matters and that you value what they have to say, it will improve their morale and satisfaction with their job. Additionally, feedback from drivers can help you figure out any concerns they have and how to address them.

4. Be Diligent Enough to Show the Benefits of Dash Cams through Videos

Showing drivers how dash cams can help them is the best way to get them to use them. Dash cams can help drivers by providing footage of near misses or exonerating them in collisions. Once drivers realise that the dash cam is there to protect them, they will be more likely to use it. Additionally, dash cams can help improve driving habits by providing feedback on speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration.

5. Be Generous in Offering Incentives

The idea is to design a rewards system for drivers who improve their safety habits, like harsh braking, speeding, incomplete stops, and unsafe following distances. The rewards could be things like cash bonuses, gift cards, or branded merchandise. This would keep the team invested in improving their safety habits.


Overall, dash cams can be a valuable safety tool for drivers. Providing a record of events can help protect drivers from false accusations and help insurance companies determine who is at fault in an accident. While dash cams are not required, they may be worth considering for any driver who wants to improve their safety on the road.

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