Fleet GPS Tracking Is a Worthy Investment for These Reasons

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As our world’s economy slowly bounces back from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russian crisis, businesses need to invest in GPS tracking technology to help them stave off delivery challenges and decrease manual effort. Below are some of the main benefits of implementing GPS tracking for your business’ fleet service.

Better Security

Companies that transport goods have a lot to lose. Vehicles, stocks, and equipment are all valuable assets central to any supply chain, and protecting them from theft is essential. A GPS tracking solution allows you always to know where your vehicles, stocks, and equipment are so that you can recover them and the contents inside them when they are stolen.

Easy Dispute Resolution

GPS tracking systems also log crucial information about the delivery, such as time, date, and length of each job attended, making it easy to handle customer complaints and claims. Suppose you can pinpoint a driver’s exact location at a particular time. In that case, you can confirm that your driver did visit the customer’s home during the delivery window, supposing that your customer was at home as they claim they were.

Higher Driver Retention

Delivery companies having trouble retaining their drivers use computerised tracking to supervise them on the road. These GPS systems help drivers perform better without feeling under pressure. This helps keep the drivers happy because they feel like the company is looking out for them and doesn’t put their life at risk unnecessarily.

Improved Driver Safety

Poor driving behaviours cost businesses a lot of money and damage brand reputation. Unsafe driving practices mean higher insurance costs, more vehicle downtime and maintenance expenses, and higher settlement and legal costs. Plus, as the drivers are also the company’s public face, poor driving will always affect your brand’s reputation.

A GPS tracking solution can help fleet managers identify when their drivers engage in unsafe driving practices. The software enables fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ behaviour, spot points of interest, and develop a specially-tailored plan to correct poor driving habits. 

Lesser Fuel and Labor Costs

Fuel and labour costs are the two highest expenses of a fleet. Fuel price fluctuations hurt businesses, making it imperative to ensure the most increased fuel economy possible for all vehicles. GPS tracking devices enable fleet managers to monitor drivers’ activities that are causing the fuel bill to go up. These activities can include speeding, taking longer routes, and idling. Monitoring driver behaviour can help cut down the fuel bill.

As it happens, this technology can also cut down on back-office labour. For instance, the right solution can quickly generate state-by-state reports on fuel tax payments by tracking fuel consumption alongside vehicle location. This can save administrators time and effort, freeing them for more valuable tasks.

More Productivity

GPS tracking solutions maximise drivers’ productivity by informing them of their daily tasks and monitoring them for unnecessary idling or movements. Drivers can also get to their destinations more quickly as they no longer need to answer calls and messages from the office, allowing them to focus on driving.

Power Your Business with Fleet GPS

With 59 percent of SME business leaders using employee monitoring software in their operations, it’s clear that efficiency and effectiveness through data are crucial to staying afloat. Gain the edge today by hiring Manage Vehicle to install your fleet service with GPS tracking in Australia! Our technology is the best for small or large fleets in monitoring maintenance, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance. See our features and get quotes on our website now!

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