What is telematics and how can it benefit fleet business?

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Telematics has a significant impact on many businesses. However, if we talk about the industries which are benefiting immensely from telematics, then they are the trucking and transportation industries.

Telematics and fleet management systems can easily shift all the burden from the shoulders of fleet managers and decision-makers.

Even, they help them improve the inefficiencies of day-to-day workflows so that they can do their work faster. That’s the reason, why most fleets nowadays rely on data and insights, and are also more efficient, helping them make better, more informed decisions.

Let’s know everything about telematics;

What is telematics?

Telematics can easily transmit information over long distances. It has no particular definition but has two words:

Telematics=’tele+ informatics’

“Tele” refers to remote communications, and “informatics” is the practice of information processing.

Nowadays, telematics is not only being used in many commercial industries but also for non-commercial purposes. By transferring data remotely and increasing visibility into operations, telematics has helped various industries improve communications, efficiency, and customer service.

What does telematics work for?


Managers and companies install telematics devices and fleet management software in their truck fleet to collect and transmit a wide variety of information. The data that telematics and fleet management software can capture may include the following:

  • Vehicle usage
  • Location
  • Fuel consumption
  • Vehicle faults
  • Maintenance information
  • Vehicle idling time
  • Excessive acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Speeding

You will get in-depth fleet insights through this set of information. Hence, if you are a fleet owner or fleet manager then you can use these insights to increase your fleet visibility. Also, this information will help you identify at-risk drivers, improve fleet safety, minimize fuel waste and operating expenses. You can also use them to monitor assets for timely delivery and preemptively identify vehicle maintenance issues.

Also, you can easily track your vehicle on the road.

How are telematics installed in trucks?

Telematics devices are usually installed in the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port. So, that you can easily record information, such as vehicle location, driving behaviour, speed, distance driven, etc.

Some telematics devices are plug and play, while others may require engineers and support staff to install and set up.

However, the power requirements of the telematics devices also vary. It can be either battery-powered or powered by the internal electrical system of the vehicle.

How can my fleet benefit from telematics?

Fleet telematics is especially for fleet managers and administrators so that they can easily empower and solve unique business challenges. Also, it provides information on the location of each vehicle or asset, which can help:

  • This will increase your fleet visibility into operations
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • By installing it, you can prevent vehicle theft
  • Provide better delivery estimates to clients
  • Increase customer satisfaction and potentially save thousands of dollars

With advanced telematics, fleets may be able to get a much better return on investment (ROI).

What is the cost associated with vehicle telematics?


You will find many companies who are offering relatively straightforward costs. Al you just need to pay is the cost of the device + monthly subscription fee.

You’re essentially paying for valuable information, such as vehicle data and insight that you would otherwise not be able to clean without vehicle telematics.

However, it’s also true that you will get 100+ vendors who will offer you less expensive solutions, but they may not come with customer support and features that help streamline your business.

So, look for quality over price! With right telematics, you can make data-driven business decisions, which can easily lead to a positive return on investment.

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