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Vehicle Fleet Tracking Technology: A Legal Perspective

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Modernising your business practices is a natural progression of making your operation more streamlined and efficient. This is true for numerous industries, from healthcare establishments to logistics providers.

While modernizing your business model can give you an advantage over competitors, it’s not always as simple as upgrading your industry-specific tools and facilities. Some countries and specific regions may have legal restrictions that affect your implementation. For fleet managers, fleet tracking technology needs to comply with legal considerations depending on their state.

The Precaution Regarding Public Data and Business Practices

Recent concerns over data privacy over social media platforms have opened the door to stricter regulations concerning personal digital assets. Since fleet management software is somewhat tied to personal data tracking, it’s vital to follow state legislation and ATO requirements regarding monitored travels. For this reason, you should review your fleet policy to avoid potential violations of state-based policies.

The Advantage of Using Fleet Tracking Technology

Installing vehicle fleet tracking technology provides various benefits to a business’s logistics department. Most of these systems utilise mobile apps, satellite technology, and equipment trackers to measure deliveries and other actions from cargo deliveries.

By optimising your fleet with fleet tracking technology, you’ll have more data in real-time to analyse and upgrade your operations. Doing so lets you improve efficiency, identify safety issues, and minimise outflows in your logistical expenses. While these benefits can considerably impact your company’s performance and sales figures, it’s vital to assess the legal restrictions of implementing and maintaining it in your fleet.

The Restrictions on Fleet Tracking Technology Across Different States

In any industry, it’s vital to refer to national and state policies regarding business operations. This can range from getting business permits to receiving authorisation for specific industry-specific tools. Fleet managers must assess the legal requirements per state to avoid incurring violations when using fleet management software.

 1. New South Wales

In New South Wales, you must receive consent from your drivers before allowing them to be surveilled with tracking devices. This consent must be received and documented through a written notice at least 14 days before commencing workplace surveillance. Additionally, the surveillance device must be visible on the vehicle being surveilled.

2. Australian Capital Territory

Similar to New South Wales, business owners must consult with employees in good faith before implementing workplace surveillance. This must also be confirmed in writing before 14 days from surveillance devices are activated. Unlike NSW rules, the vehicle may not include a visible notice of surveillance as long as employees are already aware of the tracking procedures.

3. Victoria

Citizens of Victoria aren’t allowed to be surveilled with a tracking device without implied consent. Additionally, there’s a limitation on recording private conversations through a tracking surveillance device. For this reason, businesses must secure these records safely.

Another clause is reserved for tampering with legally installed surveillance devices. Once proven as culprits, violators can be penalized for up to two years in prison.

4. South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory

In these territories, the general rule is that individuals cannot be surveilled without expressing implied consent.


After studying the restrictions of each state, it’s vital to assess if your chosen fleet tracking software can accommodate these policies adequately. Otherwise, you could end up buying hardware and software that’s unusable under state regulations. For this reason, you must look for a fleet management system that works efficiently under your scope of operations.

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