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5 Best Practices Preventing Collisions Using a FAM Software

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Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. However, most accidents can become avoidable—especially those involving fleets. Although most people do not know when it happens, accidents are the result of minor issues left untouched and unresolved. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent them is by understanding which things could go wrong and acting on them as soon as possible. Through the help of fleet accident management software, companies can now avoid costly repairs and expenses brought by fleet collisions. But how? Here are some ideas.

1. Install Security Cameras

Aside from contributing to the overall safety of your fleet, security cameras can also prove helpful during fleet accidents. They can chronicle detailed footage of the accident, which can be later used as evidence.

The evidence can help prove fault and prevent the accident from happening again. It can also help prove that vehicles involved in the accident are roadworthy. On the other hand, security cameras can also help track down drivers who have not been sticking to the rules.

2. Use AI to Eliminate Bad Driving Habits

Analysing your fleet’s driving behaviour can help you identify which routes or areas need improvement. AI can be a valuable tool to help you develop a better strategy. You can use it to detect which drivers are prone to accidents or which areas are most prone to accidents.

The information can also make you realise which routes should be avoided or monitored more closely. AI can help you solve the problem while ensuring your drivers are well-regarded by their employers and the public.

3. Stick to Routine Maintenance Schedules

In addition to helping improve the condition of your fleet’s vehicles, regular maintenance can also help prevent vehicle damages caused by slight issues. Failing to follow maintenance schedules can lead to minor injuries that can turn into significant accidents if left untreated.

For example, not checking oil levels and tire pressure can make the tires wear out. When this happens, the tires can easily blow out during sudden braking. The resulting accident can be prevented when drivers follow their routine checklists. It can also ensure that your fleet can access drivers with good driving skills.

4. Attend Road Safety Training

Creating an accident prevention program is one of the best ways to keep your fleet safe. While it can be easy to create a program, it should be carefully developed. Remember to consider personal needs and limitations, as well as company objectives. Aside from producing and following the program, attending training is another way to help keep your fleet safe. It is also an excellent way to determine how companies can improve your program.

5. Track All Fleets

Every member of your fleet should be recorded and monitored for safety purposes. The best way is to track all vehicles through electronic vehicle tracking. Administering electronic keys can be useful for monitoring individual drivers, while electronic vehicle tracking can also be helpful for safety purposes.

Keeping track of your fleet through fleet tracking software will help you keep them safe and reduce turnover. Tracking every vehicle will help you know where your drivers are at all times. It can help you prevent vehicles from being stolen or drivers from committing crimes. It can also help track down drivers who fail to turn up at scheduled appointments.


Fleet accident management is no longer just a random event. Companies can now plan ways to avoid accidents and adequately manage them. By following the tips above and creating effective strategies, you can ensure that your fleet remains safe. Learn more about fleet management software today.

Manage Vehicle is a company offering flexible vehicle management solutions to clients. Our goal is to ensure companies can focus on other essential aspects of their business rather than overthinking the safety of their fleets. Know and analyse compliance fleet health through the tips of your fingers today! Get a quote on our website and learn more about what we can do to help your business succeed.

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