How Does Fleet Visibility and Insight Work

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Almost every organization or fleet managers are striving hard to optimize fleet visibility. If you also want to manage your fleet well, you must first understand everything about the fleet, its visibility, and insight into its outcome. So, before buying and trying out any fleet management software that will give you complete fleet insights and help you achieve productivity, find out some answers to the questions below;

1. What is fleet visibility?
2. What is fleet insight?
3. How do fleet visibility and insight work to gain productivity?

Apart from the above questions, in this article, you will also get to know how to run your fleet management smoothly by increasing the visibility and insight of the fleet. So, let’s start the visibility and insight journey.

What is Fleet Visibility & Insight?

Fleet visibility helps decision-makers understand and monitor a fleet of vehicles from anywhere in real-time. It gives fleet managers an overview of the fleet and helps them easily keep and retrieve every record regarding driver location, fuel usage, and maintenance records.

Analyze fleet visibility through fleet management software

Why is maintaining fleet visibility one of the essential tasks of fleet management? Because everyone wants a real-time update to make their decisions about expenses, downtime, and productivity more accurate. To get smarter fleet decisions, they want to know precisely how their fleet is operating. That is why no organization and fleet manager want to take help from outdated systems like spreadsheets and paper. 

To get accurate visibility and insight, managers must use a smart software solution. Using the right platform, they can easily monitor all assets, such as health, expenditure, and maintenance. And can achieve fleet metrics and bridge the gap between field and office to monitor team productivity.

How do fleet visibility and insight work to gain productivity?

Fleet visibility will help you to get high ROI and run your fleet smoothly. You will need the best fleet management software to give you complete insight and view of your fleet. Before understanding how it works, know its benefits.

Fleet Visibility Makes You a Good Decision Maker

By getting the visibility from fleet management software, you can do route planning and optimize your fleet’s routes. Also, by getting real-time updates, you will get a clear view of who will be making deliveries, where, and when.

Visibility helps organizations and fleet managers get rid of challenges and make the right decision on every aspect. For example, you are using a fleet management software that will help you give a customer an accurate time of arrival; they can have people and equipment ready for the delivery, reducing delays, which saves you time and money.

Besides, another benefit of visibility is you can easily calculate and control the number of hours individual drivers are being assigned.

Know What Actual Routes Your Vehicles Took

Knowing the route, you will get the deepest level of visibility, i.e., what happened once a driver left the DC, paired with vehicle tracking technology that uses GPS positioning to monitor exact movements. So, not only are you able to locate the location of your trucks or fleet vehicles. But you also get information about further delivery operations that help you to flee your fleet.

You can then add that information to your strategies so that your routing can be continuously improved. Visibility empowers you to save many seconds, minutes, and even hours from your delivery schedule, which means fewer trucks, less fuel, and real savings.


You can quickly get the route insight from fleet management software because it is based on hard data. This visibility will help you to understand accurate data than drivers’ feedback. Therefore, you can smartly eliminate the slack that most planners feel the need to build into their route plans to be on the safe side.

Increase Performance through Fleet Insight

Accurate fleet visibility will help you cut down waste time and miles and make your customer service better. It means your transportation operation will not going to penalized as a result of inaccurate data. 

Visibility Helps Fleet Drivers Management, too.

It will also improve your interaction with drivers by going through the proper route plan. You can easily track the performance of the driver. From each driver’s performance, you will find out which particular driver is booking overtime regularly and who is not. With better data, you will also know which driver is delayed at the delivery location with no fault of their own. And can either reschedule with the customer or in a route plan in the future can manufacture in a reasonable amount.

The higher your visibility, the higher the productivity, and you’ll find yourself getting tricked less frequently for using expensive, third-party, spot-market services to meet driver or truck shortages – another Savings.

The critical point is that if you are not analyzing data about delivery activity, you cannot measure performance, and you cannot improve it. In this case, you will need the best fleet management software.

Fleet management software with future visibility 

Some other long-term benefits of optimizing visibility through fleet management software include: Improving the company’s daily workflow. Fleet managers easily handle work orders, charting productivity, and automation. It will prevent and predict maintenance in a more efficient way that ensures optimum vehicle conditions.

Don’t walk in competitive lines; all you have to do is get smart fleet management software to monitor fleet visibility and trim the fat by getting excellent visibility in every move.

Get your quote today, call us, and we will assist you with our fleet solution.

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