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False Notions About Fleet Management You Shouldn’t Believe

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Fleet management can increase productivity and provide seamless operations. Despite this, it still faces false accusations and notions. Fleet management is commonly used by organisations that need commercial vehicles to function. It helps organisations oversee all fleet performance and maintenance easily; that’s why it’s becoming immensely popular these days. 

If you are a fleet manager or a fleet owner, perhaps you’re having doubts about the fleet management software market because of the myths surrounding it. However, the facts shall prevail, and we are here to tell you about the false notions in fleet management you shouldn’t believe. 

Let’s get to it! 

False Notion #1: Fleet Management System Is Only an Additional Expense

It’s understandable why most people think that fleet management is only an additional expense. Since it offers an array of operational benefits and it’s typically digitised, it is hard to believe that it doesn’t cost too much. But, believe it or not, fleet management can actually reduce your expenses because you can select better routes, check fuel usage, and plan out everything else in advance, which will help you plan out your budget accordingly, avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

False Notion #2: Fleet Management System and GPS Is Just the Same

Most fleet owners don’t like to have fleet management because they think it’s just the same with their GPS vehicle tracking. But, this notion is precisely wrong because fleet management and GPS are totally different things. 

Just so you’re aware, GPS tracking is just a part of the fleet management system. It’s solely a system used for tracking vehicles. Unlike the fleet management system, the GPS doesn’t have features, such as fuel and tyre management, real-time tracking, route planning, driver management, trip management, history reports, and more. 

False Notion #3: Fleet Management Solutions Are Hard to Manage

Fleet management solutions are software. But, being a software doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s hard to navigate and understand. The fleet management software is like any other software you are using on your smartphone. It’s easy to navigate, and fleet management software providers like Manage Vehicle ensure that our solutions are user-friendly and manageable. We also provide training and manuals to our clients before we completely hand out our software. 

False Notion #4: Small Businesses Will Not Benefit from Fleet Management System

This notion is not true at all because a fleet management system is beneficial to both small and large businesses. While small businesses only have a few fleet vehicles, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need fleet management. If they have none, it may impact their productivity and revenue. It may also cost them too much time if they do things manually, affecting their ability to expand their business, productivity and efficiency. 

False Notion #5: Fleet Management Invades the Privacy of Fleet Drivers

Fleet management is not a CCTV for drivers; it only oversees the vehicle and the driver’s performance. Fleet management is also there to improve the efficiency of the entire process and the productivity of the day-to-day operations, not to invade the drivers’ privacy.


It’s crucial to know these false notions so that you can ignore them once you decide to have a fleet management system for your business. If you let these get over your head and you believe them right away, you’ll miss out on the benefits of fleet management solutions. Remember, fleet management will increase your productivity, efficiency, profit and chance to expand your business, not inflict harm or disadvantage over your business. 

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