Today We Say Goodbye: Remembering Neville ‘Slim’ Mugridge

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Image: Samantha Ruggeri

Today, truckers from all over Australia will converge on Gawler, SA, to pay their final respects to Neville ‘Slim’ Mugridge, the cherished 77-year-old road train driver who tragically lost his life in a collision on the Eyre Highway on April 4th. As friends, family, and colleagues gather to honor his legacy, the impact of his sudden departure resonates through the community, emphasizing not only the void left behind but also the profound connections he fostered throughout his life.

Slim spent over five decades behind the wheel, dedicating nearly forty years to TML Transport. Renowned for his expertise and a personality as robust as his vehicle, Slim was a fixture not just at work but across the trucking industry. His commitment to his profession and his role as a mentor to the younger generation of drivers left an indelible mark.

“A truck driver of over 50 years, Slim was a colourful character and loved by many. A very experienced road train operator, with diesel in his veins,” Slim’s employer, TML Transport wrote upon his passing away.

TML Transport also started a GoFundMe page to help with funeral and other costs through this “difficult time”. As of now, it has raised $48,470. 

The impact of Slim’s passing resonates deeply within the trucking community and beyond, with many people expressing their condolences at his demise.

 “The online posts have made a big difference,” Delphine Mugridge, Slim’s widow, told 9News Adelaide. Moved by the outpouring of support, she added, “We want to harness that support to lobby authorities to make the roads safer.”

“It’s about turning our loss into a legacy for safer roads,” Delphine expressed. 

This movement, sparked by tragedy, seeks to prevent future losses in the trucking community and beyond. The rallying cry for change, amplified by Slim’s story, has begun to resonate with a wider audience, signaling a potential shift toward more substantial safety measures on our roads.

As we speak, a convoy is preparing to depart from TML Transport, leading to the funeral service at the Taylor and Forgie Funeral home. This procession not only reflects the deep respect and camaraderie within the trucking community but also allows those who rode the roads with Slim to say one last goodbye. For those unable to attend in person, the service will be livestreamed, allowing everyone touched by Slim’s life to be a part of this farewell.

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