Why GPS Tracking Software for Your Car Is Important

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According to the FBI, commercial motor vehicles, including trucks, buses, and other cargo carriers, are valuable targets for thieves. The agency says that in the United States, the average dollar loss per theft (including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles) is $7,708. That number is higher for cargo trucks.

Commercial vehicle theft can be a significant issue for fleet owners and managers, so reducing the likelihood of asset theft and increasing the possibility of recovery for any stolen equipment is key to improving your bottom line and ensuring peace of mind.

GPS tracking systems may very well be the best business vehicle management tool that can help you prevent huge losses due to theft. Here’s why:

GPS Tracking Systems Increase the Chances of Recovering Vehicles

GPS tracking systems can help you identify trucks or other vehicles that are moving in a way that seems suspicious or out of the norm. They can also help you identify vehicles that have been stolen.

Fleet owners typically rely on tracking devices in their commercial vehicles to ensure they are not being misused. GPS tracking systems allow fleet owners and managers to pinpoint the location of their cars and find out what their drivers are doing. The other key benefit to fleet tracking devices is that they alert fleet owners and managers when their assets leave the company’s specified routes or become stationary for longer than expected.

They Can Help Reduce Insurance Premiums

In most states, using a GPS tracking system can help lower your commercial auto insurance premiums.

GPS tracking systems can help you prove that you are not liable for accidents you were unaware a commercial vehicle was involved in. You can prove this by knowing where your cars are at all times. If it is determined that a GPS tracking system is a factor in lowering your premiums, then you may be asked to provide evidence that the system is in place and being used.

Some fleets have seen their insurance premiums drop by as much as 25 percent.

Early Warning Systems Can Also Keep Drivers Safe

GPS tracking systems can also help prevent accidents and keep drivers safe during unforeseen circumstances like carjacking. They can help fleet owners and managers keep an eye on the locations of their vehicles, and if one of them is not where it would typically be at a certain time of day, for instance, then there might be a good reason for concern.

GPS tracking systems that include geofencing capabilities can potentially prevent accidents caused by distracted or drowsy drivers.

They Can Prevent Liability Issues

Using a GPS tracking system to keep tabs on your assets can also help you avoid liability issues. If you’re ever in a situation where one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, such as one caused by an employee while on the job, a GPS tracking system can help you avoid liability.


With the use of the best fleet GPS tracking systems, you can be confident that your vehicles are being used where and when you need them. You’ll also have several benefits as a result, such as lower insurance premiums, fewer liability issues, and the opportunity to recover stolen vehicles.

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