Fleet management software features for small fleet

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Fleet managers and owners asked us several times what features of fleet management software are most important for small fleets. This is why we are sharing fleet management software features that benefit smaller fleets. So, if your fleet is too small and you want to know what are these features, then definitely read this blog.

Fleet Management Software: Key Functions, Features, & Solutions

7 features that every fleet management software should have for small businesses:

  • Real-time visibility.
  • Routing & Monitoring
  • Driver management capabilities
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Shipment management
  • Driver safety and telematics software

Real-Time Visibility: This features will allow fleet managers and owner to monitor their fleet live continuously or at any time without any interruption to know where their fleet is and to know how their fleet is performing.

Routing & Monitoring – This helps fleet managers make better logistic decisions based on vehicle GPS position, stop duration, speed, and more. It will tell fleet managers when and where the driver has stopped, and how far he is from his destination & more.

Driver management capabilities – This management software will quickly store personal profiles of every driver and hours of service. And, analyze productivity and behaviour.

Fuel management – By using this feature, a small fleet can minimize idling time, emissions, and more. Because this feature tracks fuel consumption tendencies. Hence, save a lot of fuel and maintain their fuel expenditure smartly.


Vehicle maintenance – This will remind you of the routine checkup of your vehicles in the same way as our alarm clock picks us up in the morning. This feature also streamlines the process of diagnosis and inspection.

Shipment management – analyzes expenses, quotes, licenses and more to optimize delivery, dispatch, and cargo placement.

Security and safety features – assist drivers with any safety issues on the road.

How small fleets can reap big benefits from fleet management software?

With the help of fleet management software, small fleet managers can easily sort the bulk of management tasks without any worries. Mainly this software will target either the drivers, vehicles, managers or all of these facets at the same times that makes a significant difference in how the fleet performs as a whole.

Fleet managers can use fleet management software in the following ways:

By Promoting Positive Driving Habits

By using the management software, small fleet drivers can quickly become aware of certain negative driving behaviour they demonstrate and fine-tune their skills overall.

Keep an eye on fuel consumption

Knowing how to track fuel costs and how to reduce them can be one of the biggest challenges for small fleets, regardless of whether they have been in business for a long time doesn’t matter.

Continued changes in oil prices, duties and other taxes can further complicate the situation. However, with the right data and best practices, small fleets can win the fuel fight.

All small fleet need to do is just monitor fuel usage, measuring the data, educating their drivers, and doing it periodically. These steps could be your key to affect a positive change in fuel economy for your business.

Smart maintenance

Let suppose you need to take three truck out of the rotation-No way. In fact, a small fleet, even can’t take a risk for one truck because it can lead to a scheduling disaster. Hence, results in loss of productivity, which in turn affects your customers and your bottom line. When it comes to managing the health of all fleet vehicles, preventive fleet maintenance is the most important step. Also, this will help fleet Engine diagnostics, Engine hour tracking and driver behaviour data, Service records tracking. 

How Manage Vehicle Can Help


You can install Manage Vehicle’s software into your system and see how much your fleet will benefit. From Telematics, Fuel Management to Fleet Compliance, we can offer many solutions to your fleet in many ways.

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