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About us

ManageVehicle is a telematics and fleet management solutions provider. ManageVehicle’s assets tracking platform is a powerful and easy to use system that enables you to have full visibility of your fleet.

Live tracking, Vehicle status, Reports, History & journey Replay, Remote immobilise & many more.

Using Telstra’s leading mobile network, we provide you with superior coverage and reliable data all over Australia.

We provide more than just a dot on a map position showing where your vehicle is. It's a complete solution that can be used to monitor and report on an array of vehicle data, so you can use this information to improve the efficiency of your business. The geofencing & over speed alerts ensures your fleet is safe, secure and enables you to notify why vehicle enters or exits from the site.

Our customisable reports can help you cut unnecessary expenses and minimise the operational cost ultimately profiting your finances. Not only can our reports cut expense but with proper analysis, your business can evolve its business model and grow with a sustaining environment.

Easy to use on desktop, laptop or mobile devices.
We work with almost any vehicle.
Australia based. 24x7 local support.
Easy to get started.
We are ManageVehicle, we help you manage your vehicle for your greater good.
With us, you can stay assured!

Our Mission

ManageVehicle is an Australian telematics & fleet management solution provider. Vehicle tracking tech - GPS - in coordination with IoT, we provide the real-time data of your asset while on duty & off duty. Our inception's prime objective is to serve these iconic features and benefits of adapting with future technology to logistics & freight business modelled affiliates. We are recreating the positive impacts our devices can have on business cost, management & transparency. Our vision goes beyond the limit of tracking fleets & monitoring their movements. Our passion for genuinely helping SMEs to prosper and sustain is unlike other self-profit-oriented institutions. We prioritise your needs ahead of us and nurse with unparalleled care. Australia is gradually evolving with innovative techs and alongside we too want to help change the present to a better future. We are ManageVehicle, with us, you can stay assured.

Our Management

Vijay Bhusal
With years of hands-on experience in the information technology industry, working and analysing in multiple large companies, his prolific experience is put to work here at ManageVehicle. A distinction holder in IT Security & Cloud Computing from Deakin University, he understands the greatest value of asset safety and security. His vast knowledge of business analysis and reporting itself is his product and he wants to help the business grow with his expertise. His career portfolio comprises of famous enterprises are JB Hi-Fi, Metro Trains Australia, Deakin University & Commonwealth Games to name a few. Under his leadership, we grow and with us, you grow.
January 26, 2019
GPS Rental Fleet Tracking & GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Hiring a car to customers is both profitable and risky at the same time. Vehicles under the custody of another are sometimes damaged, used outer surface of an allowable area, misused, or even taken and stolen. If your company doesn’t have a GPS transport tracking solutions in place, you’re missing out on very important rental […]

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January 26, 2019
Can Car Rental Companies Track Their Vehicle?

GPS tracking system is used by various car rental companies in Australia to raise service level and reduce risk factors and cost of fleet operations. Set in technologies for example vehicle tagging, real-time tracking, and automatic alert alarms could considerably decrease risk factors like vehicle stealing or speeding. Companies can also keep track of the […]

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January 24, 2019
Why Rental Companies Should Use GPS Tracking To Save Their Big Expenses

These days, GPS tracking for rental vehicles is efficiently utilized by several rental companies related to the transport industry as well as by individuals for tracking & managing vehicles. For rental companies there are huge advantages of GPS tracking for instance enhanced customer service satisfaction, lessen risk factors, and reduce fleet operational cost. Vehicle tracking […]

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January 23, 2019
GPS tracking for Rental Company

Rental companies are growing very swift and grow to be very competitive. Now every best vehicle hiring company from all over the world are trying to give the finest services to their customers to beat their competitors. GPS integration with vehicle rentals is currently very common and most of the vehicle rental companies. There are […]

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January 16, 2019
Reduce The Chances Of Accidents With Fleet GPS Technology Services

In the world of businesses with smartphone workforces, end the day by all of your vehicles in one part and securely parked where they’re supposed to be is all the time the gain. Though only because your medium was not into an accident doesn’t stand for that your driver is running the vehicle carefully. Info […]

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January 15, 2019
Tell Your Employees That You Installed GPS Devices

There are a number of stupid methods to let know your drivers that you’re installing online GPS tracking devices. Let’s have some fun and look at a pair now. Some stupid ways to expose the news 1: Reveal it out, without context. “As of today morning, our vehicles now have online GPS tracking devices. They’ll […]

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January 14, 2019
What To Do When Your Company Vehicle Was In Accident?

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is and no issue how many vehicles in your company, you have on the road, and it is helpful to have a vehicle accident preparation in set. This plan will help direct your transportable employees when an accident takes place, making sure they do something in […]

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January 11, 2019
Optimization Of Routes With GPS Technology Services

The software fleet tracking gives us a lot more to identify where our vehicles are at any moment in time. The design of optimal and well-organized routes is upcoming of the fleet business. Take benefit of online transport tracking software to raise your business funds Optimizing the vehicle routes in our fleet is no more […]

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January 10, 2019
Prevent Car Theft By Vehicle Tracking Solution

The figures of cars stolen are falling down every year as the vehicle manufacturing companies’ target on vehicle protection a lot more. There were 52,858 reported vehicle thefts in Australia. The car market has engaged major steps in recent times to decrease vehicle robberies, with electronic alarm systems and classy security online transport tracking software […]

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Manage Vehicle is a Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management service provider. Located at Suite 707,  Level 7, 365 Lt. Collins St, Melbourne, 3000, VIC
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