Vehicle Tracking and  
Fleet management Solution

Real time tracking

Live Fleet Tracking

Your assets are your business. Being able to know where your assets at any given time, adds a confidence to your business. It enables you to monitor and track your assets when you need it.

Geofence is AWESOME

Use geofence alerts to setup virtual fences and receive alerts when your assets Enter/Exit the area. With multiple geofence supported  you can create as many required & be confident that your  assets are always safe.
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Vehicle History


Data enables Business improvements. This platform allows you to go back in time and check the history of logs, events, speed generated by your vehicle. 

Weekly/Daily Reporting

Report is the best part. With all automated Daily and Weekly reporting, you won't have to waste hours our your time trying to put together all the details. 
Manage Vehicle Reports

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Vehicle theft is a major problem in my industry. Before Manage Vehicle, I lost many vehicles. Even with insurance, it was a big loss for a business and taxing followups. Thanks to Manage Vehicle, I have found 3 lost vehicles this year.


Gyan is a Owner/Director of A & Jay Vehicle Rental Company.
- Dandenong, Melbourne


Matt is an Owner of Trucking & Logistic Company.
- Melbourne
Manage Vehicle has helped me identify the areas of operation I can improve & save costs. We have seen improvements on our fuel wastage control, timelines and driver safety regulation.

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January 26, 2019
GPS Rental Fleet Tracking & GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Hiring a car to customers is both profitable and risky at the same time. Vehicles under the custody of another are sometimes damaged, used outer surface of an allowable area, misused, or even taken and stolen. If your company doesn’t have a GPS transport tracking solutions in place, you’re missing out on very important rental […]

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January 26, 2019
Can Car Rental Companies Track Their Vehicle?

GPS tracking system is used by various car rental companies in Australia to raise service level and reduce risk factors and cost of fleet operations. Set in technologies for example vehicle tagging, real-time tracking, and automatic alert alarms could considerably decrease risk factors like vehicle stealing or speeding. Companies can also keep track of the […]

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January 24, 2019
Why Rental Companies Should Use GPS Tracking To Save Their Big Expenses

These days, GPS tracking for rental vehicles is efficiently utilized by several rental companies related to the transport industry as well as by individuals for tracking & managing vehicles. For rental companies there are huge advantages of GPS tracking for instance enhanced customer service satisfaction, lessen risk factors, and reduce fleet operational cost. Vehicle tracking […]

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Manage Vehicle is a Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management service provider. Located at Suite 707,  Level 7, 365 Lt. Collins St, Melbourne, 3000, VIC
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