Live Dashcam + GPS Tracking

Protect Your Fleet Vehicles & Train Your Drivers Team

Get integrated video and fleet tracking together. Coach your fleet drivers & mitigate risk with live Dashcam +GPS tracking. 


Coach Your Fleet with Live Dashcam & GPS System

Reduce risk and know driver behavior, make sure they are driving safely.

HD Video

Get HD video to avoid false claims and view the driver-facing and road-facing footage

No False Claim

We never make fake promises, that we can't deliver.

Free Demo

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Dashcam For Modern Fleet Management

Keep an eye on every move

Once the engine turns on, the camera system will begin recording and continue to do so until the engine is off.

Harsh driving event

The AI engine begins to review the footage based on driver behavior triggers – hard braking, hard cornering or rapid acceleration

Smart HD Video

The video clip of the harsh driving event is classified as a collision, dangerous, harsh driving or low risk.


Receive a Real-Time Alert

Avoid False Claim

When unsafe driving behavior occurs, you can view the driver-facing and road-facing footage to better understand what happened before and after. Provide video evidence in the event of a false claim.

Speed, Alerts and Alarms

Video classifications get even better as our dashcam system gets to know our users. Machine learning takes user ratings from the platform to help improve the accuracy of future classifications for everyone.

Fetch Data Easily

You can watch the event video anytime and from any device. The driving events is available for download for some days from the day of the incident.

On Demand Footage

Simple set-up process

Easy to setup and easy to fetch the event video. 

Download Event Video

Save the road-facing or driver-facing videos separately to your desktop or email them to yourself or someone else.

Quick Response

Preview the clips you want to request, submit the request, and you will receive an email within minutes with the video clip you want.

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