GPS & ECM Tracking

Track Your Fleet Vehicles & Detect Their Health

Our GPS tracking devices connect directly to the vehicle’s ECM, allowing you to pull accurate odometer mileage in real-time.


GPS Tracking + Engine Control Module(ECM)

Capture your vehicles’ true movement, driver behavior, and significant events with GPS tracker & ECM Tracking updates.

Monitor Everything

Monitor vehicle location on a live map, driver behavior, fuel efficiency and fuel consumption.

Connect With Your Engine

Respond to maintenance problems faster– before they lead to unexpected downtime.

Fuel Alerts

Accurately measure fuel consumption from the Engine Control Module.

Prevent Unnecessary Vehicle Wear and Tear

Reduce high maintenance costs

ECM integrations allow you to detect engine issues fast and proactively manage maintenance. Hence, you can easily prevent unnecessary vehicle wear and tear and ultimately reduce fuel usage, too.

Minimize Risk

An ECM solution can enforce security policies easily while keeping track of all documents assessed and the activities occurring on them. 

Save Time With ECM & GPS Tracking

An ECM solution will efficiently organize documents, making them easier to find and, by extension, save you time. As a result, you can increase productivity when you can reallocate your time to more critical tasks


Track Your Fleet Vehicle

Vehicle Speed

You can monitor the vehicle speed with GPS tracking system and receive real-time alerts when drivers exceed the posted speed limit.

Vehicle Utilisations

You will see better vehicle utilisation, improved routing, and overall efficiency in field operations.

Track All Scope- ECM & GPS

With our GPS tracking system and driver scorecards, you can identify areas of improvement for your drivers and effectively manage unsafe behaviour.

Enjoy GPS & ECM Tracking Together

Vehicle Safe Status

ECM is responsible for controlling four major parts of engine injection systems: air fuel mixture, fuel injection, ignition timing, and emissions control. It is constantly monitoring these items to assure the vehicle is in a safe operating status.

Calculate Distance

ECM control systems can help capture accurate odometer readings and see how many miles your drivers have traveled.

Calculate Engine Hours

Track how long your engine has been running and stay on top of maintenance.


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