Fleet Tracking Solution

Track each asset of your fleet with smart tracking solution

Our best fleet GPS tracking systems offer complete monitoring solution, & allow you to keep an eye on your fleet and fleet drivers in real-time.


Manage your complete fleet remotely with real-time updates

Get every single detail at your fingertips and ease your workload as being a fleet manager of any small or large fleet.

Real-time alerts and updates

Get notified with updates and make changes in real-time. This will run your fleet perfectly.

Manage fleet from anywhere

You can manage your fleet from anywhere. You don't have to be physically present there.

Monitor assets from any device

Use any device to set your assets, fetch the details from desktop, tablet, or from mobile.

Improve your fleet visibility with just one smart solution

Keep everyone in the loop with live GPS tracking

View alerts and know about everything about your fleet vehicles and team. You don’t need to disturb your hectic schedule to know where your vehicles and drivers are, delivery time, stop time, empty miles and etc.


Get the Data insight with one click. All you need to do is just “Click on the insight” and know where is the scope of improvement into your fleet operation and just do the needful.

Custom Reporting: Best fleet GPS tracking systems

Manage your vehicles, drivers, and team by analyzing the reports in seconds. Improve your fleet performance by installing the smart fleet tracking solution.

Fleet management from acquisition to disposal

Engine control module

Our GPS tracking devices offer a direct connection to the vehicle’s ECM, allowing you to pull engine diagnostic information and accurate odometer mileage in real-time.

Speed, Alerts and Alarms

Get real-time updates about each vehicle and manage each vehicle in advance and prevent unexpected accidents and high maintenance by receiving the speed, alerts, and alarms through fleet tracking solution.

Control fleet expenses through powerful insights

Keep all assets expenses with a fleet management system where you will be able to track all from loan and lease payments to oil changes, tolls and parking violations smartly.

Seamless vehicles configuration with cloud based applications

Simple set-up process

Use cloud based applications and you are ready to manage  everything at any time.

Achieve your fleet goals

Get the data visualization of the fleet and real-time updates on your fleet, including vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and more.

Complete assets

Our fleet tracking solution has the power to set your daily operations efficiently and cost-effectively by providing remote access to your fleet.

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