What To Do When Your Company Vehicle Was In Accident?

Posted on January 14, 2019

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is and no issue how many vehicles in your company, you have on the road, and it is helpful to have a vehicle accident preparation in set. This plan will help direct your transportable employees when an accident takes place, making sure they do something in the finest interests of your company and follow all legal requirements.

What does such a plan be like? Below we’ve outlined some key points that should be integrated into your plan.

Vehicle Was In Accident

Stop Immediately!

As taking the steps required avoiding another accident, drivers should stop their vehicle to stop further damage and depart the sight of the accident unharmed. Drivers should make sure for own injuries and call for medical support instantly if required.

Clear the Roadway

In accordance of your state’s laws, it may be necessary for persons concerned in the accident to clear the road if it is able to be done securely in order to bind the accident’s collision on traffic. Your driver must call the section of public protection or local law enforcement management to search out an official report formed for the accident. Your driver should also formulate schedules to get a copy of that report.

Do Not Make Any Statement

Your drivers have to avert making any statements – written or verbal – about who was at fault for the mishap. Any such admittance possibly will damage your company’s capability to defend a case of a legal charge. Let the authorities to conclude fault or responsibility based on the evidence of the sight. Your driver perhaps mandatory to sign a traffic reference, but this does not constitute a lawful admittance of guilt.

Do Not Hold the Aggressive Habit

It is essential that your driver stay their cool, even if another individual involved in the occurrence is being unreceptive. In such an occurrence, your driver should just employ with law enforcement authorities and be dependent on those authorities to collect the info you require.

Note Names and Addresses

Your driver should note the name and address of all eyewitnesses and inhabitants of concerned vehicles as well as every license plate number and, if doable, capture at least 2-3 digital photos of every one vehicle involved.

Get Insurance Information

Your driver should gather insurance info from all concerned parties. You might want your driver to give extra contact information for somebody in your company that is hand over to deal with such happenings.

Immediately Call the Company To Report

You should make available a selected contact person for your drivers to report to regarding the accident. If that being is not available, the driver should have an office contact number to where a message can be sent if it is after hours.

Verify All with Vehicle Tracking Solution

While you wait for your driver’s report on the happening, you can get the vehicle’s info through your enterprise fleet management solutions. With Manage Vehicle tracking solutions, you will have access to the vehicle’s position leading up to the mishap, the speed of the vehicle, and reports of any unacceptable driver habit like speeding and hard braking which may possibly have contributed to the accident happening. You can utilize your vehicle tracking data to confirm your driver’s claims which will assist you to defend your business if the event ends up in court.