Posted on December 22, 2018

The bang in the car souk has increased the thriving extras and spare parts business. After all, a motor vehicle, if you were to notice, is nothing but an assembly of a number of components. One of the means components of a car is an online GPS tracking system. With advancement in technology, there are a number of models of these gadgets that can be raised in the marketplace. With such a large alternative on offer, how do you make sure that you select the exact one? You can simply get one based on the features of a system. Let’s have a look at some of the basic features in a vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking Solution

Best Live Tracking Solutions

The advancement in technology has supposed that nowadays there is online transport tracking software available, which be able to pinpoint the location of a motor vehicle with easiness. This quality is particularly essential to those who are handling a fleet of vehicles. With this feature, all that the manager needs to do is to focus on the display. Such ordinary monitoring also instills a feeling of importance among drivers, who get better their driving manners too.

Journey log

You can create a marking of all the imperative information that you need from the system. The online GPS solutions software packages that are available these days are also built in such a way that every tiny detail of a journey is noticeably on hand. For instance, if a driver had pampered in over speeding over convinced areas, the info would be plainly displayed in the journey log. With advancement in technology, various items for which data is accessible are only usual to increase.


This is another must-have feature in an online GPS tracking. What actually is geo fencing? Well, geo fencing is a quality utilizing which you can generate a boundary from which if the vehicle were to diverge in its way, you will get an instant alert. This is a feature that has helped a number of fleet administrators. The feature will also arrive helpful if you have got teen kids at home. You can all the time be sure of their location if they were to diverge from their regular way.

Vehicle Tracking Solution

Maintenance Warnings

One of the major headaches for any person maintaining a fleet of motor vehicles is maintenance. Normally individuals tend to forget regarding main maintenance issues. For instance, hardly any vehicles in the period may require an oil change. The brake might necessitate being tightened. There might be concerns with the drive train. Also, fuel pilferage would absolutely require warns. These days GPS technology services providers are ensuring that they set in as lots of alerts as likely in order to make living easy for fleet managers.