Make Your Fleet More Environmentally Friendly With Vehicle Tracking

Posted on December 26, 2018

Running a victorious fleet service has constantly been regarding fleet management that has never been easier than with tracking solutions of Manage Vehicle. Our vehicle tracking solutions are intended for fleet managers to professionally manage the whole fleet despite how many vehicles there are. With GPS vehicle tracking solutions, you can track where your vehicles are in real time by satellite mapping that your fleet managers can access at any tablet, smartphone or computer. Moreover, managers can utilize our vehicle tracking solutions to complete important fleet management tasks.

Let’s Have a Look at Tasks:

  • Communicating with fleet members
  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Monitoring vehicle speed & fuel consumption
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Charting alternative routes to prevent delays & setbacks
  • Composing progress reports

Vehicle Tracking Solutions for a More Environment-Friendly Fleet

The major objective of several transport logistics providers is to contribute socially by being additional environmental friendly. To accomplish this objective, you might need to think about utilizing a vehicle tracking system of Manage Vehicle which permits fleet managers to get rid of the use of paper in back offices. Trees are a precious resource and so as to save them, your offices need to alter their everyday operations digitally. However, this means you should manage your accounting, marketing, reporting, & many other necessary practices digitizing. Vehicle tracking as well permits a more efficient & regulated logistics practice since it leads to activities that contribute to the environment.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Following Are Several Activities That Comprise in Vehicle Tracking Solutions:

Efficient Route Mapping:

  • Fleet managers can access all roads & streets in any given route
  • Offers a variety of mapping views of these locations
  • Allows a manager to access present traffic reports in real-time
  • Helps in choosing the most efficient route possible to consume the least amount of fuel

Speeding Alerts:

  • Allows managers to regulate driver behavior with real-time alerts
  • Send notification when drivers exceed the speed limit of particular roads or streets
  • Enhance your fleet service’s fuel cost that is counter-productive to your bottom-line of making a profit

Idling Alerts:

  • Managers can identify when and where their vehicles are idling
  • Fleet managers can instantly take action by contacting drivers who are “Idling” their vehicles
  • Help out you save lots on fuel consumption
  • Prevent further release of harmful fumes into the atmosphere

Paperless Documentation:

  • Fleet drivers no longer have to collect paperwork
  • Fleet drivers have tablets where they can complete various reports & collect digital signatures from clients to supply as Proof of Work
  • Allows all reports to be immediately saved in cloud storage of vehicle tracking solution

So, visit Manage Vehicle today and get the vehicle tracking solution that is suitable for your business and makes your fleet more environmentally friendly.