How Much Does a GPS Fleet Tracking System Cost?

Posted on December 28, 2018

A GPS Fleet Tracking is the investment that pays for itself very quickly. By keeping an eye on your drivers' exact location you will decrease labor expenses, get better employee efficiency, and reduce fuel costs.

The whole system of GPS fleet tracking consists of an electronic device that is installed in a van or other vehicle and computer software that records data about each trip. Information recorded in the software includes the position of every vehicle, the mileage, and the exact time the motor vehicle reaches its proposed destination.

GPS fleet tracking systems avoid worker fraud and unacceptable individual use of business vehicles. Also, they can be used as a device to make improved decisions regarding which workers to dispatch and when.

The first query several fleet owners and managers have is, “what is the cost of the tracking system?” when they start researching this technology. Fleet tracking includes both hardware and software. In this post, we will discover each of the two areas to find out how much does fleet tracking system cost.

Hardware Costs:

Hardware is the initial part of the entire fleet tracking charges. Device tracking is the widely used hardware to track device. In this, the plug-in devices are attached to vehicles. A plug-in device gives additional information such as advanced vehicle diagnostics and driving habits. Device costs change according to the company and model. At Manage Vehicle, we provide the tracking device just for AUD 120 that is a onetime investment.

The installation costs of tracking systems are not so high. As tracking systems are simple to install; so, usually customers self-install plug-in devices to keep on installation charges. However, some companies like Manage Vehicle also provide free installation services.

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Software and Other Costs:

The software cost is the kind of the fleet tracking system costs. Again software costs vary based on the company and model. However Manage Vehicle provides the tracking services only for 20AUD/month per active device including web and mobile application, SIM and data cost and support charges. Normally the software costs are monthly costs. Now the question is why is there a monthly charge? There are mainly two reasons:

  • Cell/satellite service:

    GPS tracking system requires SIM cards, cell services, data services, and many other services. So companies have to pay for cell service, SIM cards, and satellite service to offer vehicle tracking. These all costs are taken as a monthly fee.

  • Software and Service:

    Keeping Fleet tracking system does not mean looking at a map all day! Fleet tracking system is like office programs. The software gathers information and creates reports. Moreover it is supported by experienced teams that solve technical problems, teach customers, and propose data-driven industry solutions! To deal with these actions the companies take a monthly fee.

Safety Costs:

A lot of companies provide a normal safety offering that includes safety alerts, driver scorecards, and sophisticated security & safety information. It tracks acceleration and harsh braking in addition to excessive idle time and speeding. You can set up information and alerts so you can keep on up to date on vehicle preservation and marquee security & safety events.

Remember that these additional expenses are negligible and are far outweighed by the savings your company will get from the GPS fleet tracking system.