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Why does a fleet need a GPS tracking system?

A GPS tracking system for fleets is essential to optimize operations by providing real-time location data, improving route efficiency, preventing misuse of resources, and enhancing overall safety for both employees and the public.


Real-Time Tracking

GPS fleet tracking software offers real-time location updates for each vehicle in your fleet, allowing you to monitor their movements, optimize routes, and promptly respond to any unexpected events.



Create virtual boundaries on a map. With our best GPS fleet tracking software, you can set up geofences to receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a designated area, enabling better control and security.


Advanced Reporting

The software provides detailed reports and analytics on various aspects such as driver behavior, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs. This data empowers fleet managers to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and identify areas for improvement.

"The GPS fleet tracking software from Manage Vehicle has transformed our business—delivering 24/7 visibility, optimized routes, and consistently on-time deliveries."
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Unleash Your Fleet's Potential

Grow with us! Easily scale your fleet tracking as your business expands. Our solution evolves seamlessly, ensuring comprehensive scalability and maximum benefits for your fleet.

Unlock Cost Savings

Experience reduced fuel costs, lower maintenance expenses through proactive monitoring, and optimized operational efficiency after implementing our GPS fleet tracking software, resulting in significant overall cost savings for your business.


Update Your GPS System for the 3G Shutdown in Australia

As the 3G shutdown approaches in Australia, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Upgrade your GPS system with the latest updates to ensure seamless functionality and uninterrupted connectivity. Keep your fleet management on track with cutting-edge technology.

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Client Testimonials

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"Safety is our top priority in the mining industry, and thanks to Manage Vehicle, our drivers are safer than ever."
"Real-time monitoring, geofencing, and in-depth analytics have not only boosted operations but also secured our team on the road. Keep up the good work"
"Their GPS fleet tracking software has exceeded our expectations. It's user-friendly, and the real-time tracking feature has given us peace of mind. "
"It's an indispensable tool for any fleet management strategy-highly recommended!"
John Doe
Trusted by fleets large and small including:

FAQ's on GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking involves using GPS technology to monitor and manage a fleet of vehicles in real-time. It provides insights into location, speed, and other crucial data to enhance efficiency and safety.

Yes, GPS tracking is legal in Australia. However, it’s important to comply with privacy laws and regulations when implementing such systems.

The GPS fleet tracking market is growing globally. It is expanding due to increased adoption in various industries for improved fleet management.

The cost of GPS fleet tracking varies based on factors like the number of vehicles, features required, and the service provider. It typically involves subscription fees, hardware costs, and installation expenses.

GPS for fleet management offers benefits such as real-time tracking, route optimization, fuel efficiency, maintenance insights, and increased overall operational efficiency.

Key features include real-time tracking, geofencing, reporting and analytics, driver behavior monitoring, maintenance alerts, and integration capabilities with other software.

Yes, GPS fleet tracking can lead to cost savings by improving fuel efficiency, optimizing routes, reducing maintenance costs through timely insights, and enhancing overall fleet management.

GPS tracking enhances driver safety by providing real-time monitoring, enabling quick response to emergencies, promoting adherence to speed limits, and offering insights into driver behavior for better training.

Yes, many GPS fleet tracking systems offer customization options to meet specific business needs, allowing users to choose features and settings that align with their operational requirements.

Reputable GPS fleet tracking providers implement encryption, authentication, and secure data storage to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the tracking data, adhering to privacy and cybersecurity standards.


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"Thanks to Manage Vehicle and their GPS fleet tracking system, we've achieved substantial fuel cost reductions. Highly recommend it for its impactful contributions to cost savings and operational efficiency!"
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