Speed Alerts & Alarms

Keep track of vehicle speed and notify yourself of real-time speed updates. By using vehicle speed tracking system, you can analyze your driver’s behavior and take appropriate actions to reduce speed, fuel usage, & damage.

Reduce Risk & Expenses-Vehicle Speed Tracking System

High speed can damage your fleet of vehicles. Mostly due to high speed, there is a possibility of injury or fatal event. Our speed monitoring system will help slow down speeding drivers and result in fewer threats and violations. So, keep your safety rating high and also reduce your fleet insurance costs with our GPS speed monitoring solution!


Real-Time Speed Alerts

If you do not want to wait weeks or months to know if your drivers are going too fast, then you need to use the vehicle speed monitoring system in place. Our speed monitoring system will give you real-time warnings when vehicles go above-pre-set speeds, so you can immediately address bad driving habits with vehicle speed tracking software.

Activity Reports-Vehicle Speed Monitoring Device

A speeding incident is not only an indicator that tells about a driver’s driving speed. But, our speed monitoring software will store & fetch all the historical data and give you detailed reports to analyze the speeding trends. Warn your drivers with the right report and reduce your operating costs by thousands of dollars annually.


Low Speed-Low Fuel Costs

The lower the speed, the lower the fuel cost. Fuel speed is more likely to occur due to excessive speed. That’s why control your fuel costs by using a good GPS speed monitoring system is a must. Together it also helps drivers become more aware of their habits and behaviors, encouraging them to follow best practices to get more mileage per gallon on every trip.

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