Fuel Record

Our modern fuel management system has helped reduce the cost of fuel for many fleets. If you feel that your fleet is costing you more than the benefits of the entire fleet, then you may need our best compliance solution.

Utilize fuel consumption trends​-Fuel Management System

By knowing how much you are spending on fuel daily, this way you can save a lot. It’s time to choose the smart solution over traditional method, calculate fuel costs. Receive an accurate report of your fleet where is no entry for “Human Error”.

Monitor every fuel transaction

Fuel monitoring system apart from tracking the cost per mile, stopping fuel theft, or improving overall efficiency also, automatically records the data which is always ready to have a look at.

Best fuel management system & your fleet report

We allow you to customize your fleet fuel report based on your preferred unit of dimensions in aggregate, by location, fuel type or vehicle. See each metric carefully and analyze the cost of fuel in real time. As a fleet manager you have so many responsibilities to look into, so smartly observe everything. Our solution has the power to set your daily operations efficiently and cost-effectively by providing remote access to your fleet.

Perfect solution for those fleets who want to minimize their fuel costs

The cost of fuel is the biggest concern of all the fleets and empty miles are also the next concern. Track the cost of your fleet completely and operate fuel, maintenance, loan/lease payments, expenses and utilize the empty miles. Once our GPS / Telematics Integration is installed in your fleet, you will receive notifications whenever your vehicle’s GPS location is different from it. This will mark the problem activity occurring at the same time.

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