Taking advantages of our driver fatigue management system as part of your overall package could do more than just increase productivity, it could save lives. 

Monitor Driver Fatigue with fleet management system

Driver fatigue monitoring system will analyze the eye fatigue condition of your fleet drivers and will give you an accurate early warning for real fatigue. Also, fleet managers will get intuitive driver fatigue reports to prevent accidents caused by the driver getting drowsy. This is an effective way to determine if the driver is drowsy, and thus make sure of safety.


Suit For All Vehicles-Anytime & Anywhere

You can take advantage of this fatigue monitor solution for any vehicle of your fleet on any device from anywhere. By using this smart fatigue system you can increase response times to emergencies and possibly save lives. Create a safe environment for your fleet drivers from anywhere.

Helps To Improve Combating Fatigue

After monitoring fatigue, you get to know each driver’s behavior and driving method better. After this, you can give each driver some suggestions on your behalf: such as tell them to take eight hours of good sleep, take a break after work, and share some more tips with them. 


Easy To Install & Use

Our fatigue system is easy to install and you can monitor fatigue from a web page or app. Hence, you can easily reduce fatigue in fleet driving and improve driver safety, productivity, and fleet visibility. 

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